Hello Steemians!!!

Greetings from way over here in Maine people! I just want to state 4 the record I really pushed myself yesterday to get out my first post with photographs, a brief explanation, and the whole 9 yards. At the same time I'm also heavily invested in strong herbal concoctions & remedies to aid me in this battle against some stupid diseases that I have still.
Well, good well water that is.... A couple days prior to my first Real Steemit Post there was a horrible accidental explosion all over my macbook keyboard/ touchpad that involved body temperature turmeric, aloe vera, and slippery elm bark tea! I can't make this shit up. So I frantically patted it all down doing my best to clean her without having to take her apart... She was fine until she started fritzing out on me and doing all these crazy quick mouse movements without my hands even being on the computer--- she was essentially acting possessed. But I still had the upper hand and was able to control the keys and the touchpad up until I posted on steemit: when all hell broke loose and she went completely schizo bonkers until finally I had to sadly hold the power button down.
Then I open her up this morning to remove the battery, cleanup the touchpad and I find out I don't have the special tripod screwdriver so I dusted it off as best as I could with tips & nail polish remover, closed her up, and she's working again because here I am. It's a mystery and miracle--- thank you, I'll take it!
So all of that wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't struggled so hard to make a nice little post for this brand-new community that I wanted to be part of. And much to my dismay I got one person to view my shtick, that's it? One is better than none but it's also the loneliest number but ...what the huh?!? Yes I am bitter. Yes I am little pissed off. But I also know that I haven't gotten myself back to total health yet and in fact I am just at the beginning of that ultimate journey. That means I'm seeking sources of happiness outside of myself in some ways; the ways I'd been used to during my formative years... But still, nobody's perfect.
Saving the best for last & to me that means music. "I don't even dance no more. I don't have to. I make money move. I make money move." OMG Cardi B--- I love that refrain so much -can't get it out of my head -so funny -it has nothing to do with my life -but it is what it is -& it's fun to sing like her for me. But I have lists of people whose singing styles are fun for me to try imitating. Scores really.
Needless to say, this post won't have any images but if anything you hear here strikes your fancy then you can refer to my 1st introduction post that has plenty of pictures for now at least until next week...
New post every week and that'll eventually turn into videos as promised, unless.... If there is zero response to my efforts because no one knows how to deal with my energy as usual then I'm not going to keep going but as long as there is an audience of at least one then it's worth it for me to be creative everyday. To somehow translate my message to the world via the inter-webs of general understanding may be a lofty aspiration yet that won't stop me from trying.
My relationship with the money in my life thus far has been practically nonexistent. Shmoney, that is. By the end of this year that aspect of my life is going to change in a grand scale type of way! How do I know? I'm a psychic avenger. My opinion since I was a child was always a preference for the barter system. Be careful what you wish for. If money collapses everywhere around the globe people will be forced into trading whatever they have for whatever they want. So even as an artist and writer with health challenges I haven't fully overcome, I still firmly believe in the barter system and also am going to be the best investing in different cryptocurrencies starting with steem.
Obviously my natural mode of writing is in first person narrative & that is to be expected all throughout my first real book I'm working on finishing soon, since it is autobiographical- makes sense. Make cents...dollars...millions...
Oh yeah, & stream of consciousness I am also obviously really BIG on 4 writing style choices... It's kind of poetic to me. It's not the only technique I incorporate for writing. You'll see, but I do get sciencey when I get into a lot of research. It's literally as if I've been hiding myself away for decades homeschooling myself and now I want to share my knowledge with y'all.
Listen, I know I'm just a minnow but give me a chance to grow- I'd sure make a beautiful dolphin! I'm here to spread joy & light mostly and I'm also here to make and spread the steem power A.M.A.P.(as much as possible) all around whilst learning how to do it right. Nothing wrong with that.


Welcome to Steemit @kreatus,
Good Luck 🍀 to you... On your Journey here 😎

C'mon 1st comment--- YAY! Thank you very much!!! And Lee is my middle too :D Probably my favorite blog I've ever done is called- Xzaklee 🙂💜

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