My Intro

Hi to all the steemeans, I realized that I haven't created my introductory post which I should have done a long time ago. Here is my brief intro...
I have studied computer science and engineering and looking for a job in data science. I have done some demo projects in machine learning and python.


I like to learn new technologies and while going through Blockchain technology I came to know about the decentralized network steemit. I fell in love with the idea of a network which is managed by the people. While going through the posts I found out that people have found a great platform to express their views through blogs, videos and articles completely free from Censorship.


I am an INTROVERT and often find difficult to socialize. This has negatively impacted my social life. Now I want to change that and interact with the members of the community and work for the betterment. I will try to create better content and in future would try to post some technical stuff which will benefit tech lovers.

Hope the community accepts me the way I am and guide me to become better ..................