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Welcome to Steemit @meflynanwana, I'm super excited that my state is the first to have government representative embrace the social media platform build on a blockchain. I have heard a couple of things about your interest in Steemit in the last few weeks and I thank everyone who has had a hand in this.

I hope you will have a great experience onboard the Steem blockchain and also help youths in Akwa Ibom state embrace the future.


The world is moving towards the blockchain and it would be wrong if we don't key in now.
The Youths are our to priority and we won't rest until we fully digitize the state.

I'm also just joining the steemit community,got my account today. Being a tech expert and software developer it would be totally wrong if i don't keep up with the trends. I've heard so much about steemit and willing to find out what it has for me.

Welcome to the right place

I love Uyo Steemians
Their passion for Blockchain is amazing
I love Akwa Ibom too..Serving there as a Corps member was awesome

When I travelled home last time, I was quite impressed with the level of blockchain adoption that is going on in Akwa Ibom state. I hope to be back soon to fully participate in this campaign.

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in my town.

@lordjames something is coming to uyo.... Big Blockchain conference that will the world's attention to uyo

When is the date ßoss?
I will send you a message on Whatsapp today

That's pretty awesome man, I'll give you a call, or we'll meet in Lagos and talk about things. Nothing makes me glad like anything geared towards blockchain development in Africa.

Yes, I did enjoyed Akwa Ibom so well
Wouldn't mind getting a wife from there
Maybe you could help me on that @lordjames

Oh my kord.... Scorlfield come uyo no find me.....

I love AKS
Hope to visit there again pretty soon