Finally On Steemit

I've heard and read a lot of positive things about steemit and I'm super excited to finally be part of this awesome community.
I studied the art of TV presentation, documentary film making and public speaking at the London academy of media,film and TV.
I am a Corporate Communications Expert , an entrepreneur, a Digital Media Marketer, Tv Presenter, Documentary FilmMaker, Voice Talent, Recording Artiste. Currently, I am the Special Assistant Governor @MrUdomEmmanuel of Akwa Ibom State on New media.

I am passionate about relating very vital information about digital media marketing with other steemit users.
The blockchain technology is here to stay and the future will be greatly influenced by it.

I am here to learn, share Ideas and connect with as much people as I possibly can.


Thank you Unwana Udoh ( @dongentle2 ), you are doing a lot of work showing young people around the world that they can ‘Rise Up’, ‘Mind The Gap’ and ‘Live the Dream’, no matter the Sex, Age or Nationality.


Welcome to Steemit @meflynanwana, I'm super excited that my state is the first to have government representative embrace the social media platform build on a blockchain. I have heard a couple of things about your interest in Steemit in the last few weeks and I thank everyone who has had a hand in this.

I hope you will have a great experience onboard the Steem blockchain and also help youths in Akwa Ibom state embrace the future.

The world is moving towards the blockchain and it would be wrong if we don't key in now.
The Youths are our to priority and we won't rest until we fully digitize the state.

I'm also just joining the steemit community,got my account today. Being a tech expert and software developer it would be totally wrong if i don't keep up with the trends. I've heard so much about steemit and willing to find out what it has for me.

Welcome to the right place

I love Uyo Steemians
Their passion for Blockchain is amazing
I love Akwa Ibom too..Serving there as a Corps member was awesome

When I travelled home last time, I was quite impressed with the level of blockchain adoption that is going on in Akwa Ibom state. I hope to be back soon to fully participate in this campaign.

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in my town.

@lordjames something is coming to uyo.... Big Blockchain conference that will the world's attention to uyo

When is the date ßoss?
I will send you a message on Whatsapp today

That's pretty awesome man, I'll give you a call, or we'll meet in Lagos and talk about things. Nothing makes me glad like anything geared towards blockchain development in Africa.

Yes, I did enjoyed Akwa Ibom so well
Wouldn't mind getting a wife from there
Maybe you could help me on that @lordjames

Oh my kord.... Scorlfield come uyo no find me.....

I love AKS
Hope to visit there again pretty soon

Welcome to steemit. @meflynanwana you are really gonna like it here

Thank you, I know I' love it here

greetings, charming mefly, in the firts picture, you are like a judge, charming in profession

Be very welcome to steemit social network. I've been here since February of this year and I'm really enjoying. I participate here actively every day. Here, we can learn a lot by reading other people's posts about content that interest us and we can post our own content, helping people within our areas of expertise, training our writing, making a kind of "therapy" because, writing helps us to reflect on our knowledge and we will be slightly paid for it. I hope you enjoy.

My main tip is: before you begin to post your content, read the posts by teaching staff how to use this network, about how to write good text, how are the coins sbd, steem and steem power, how to advertise your text using the discord by example, votes issues and other things.

Other than that, we are always available. If you have any questions, go ahead.

Good afternoon!!!! Welcome!!

Nice welcome message

Hello meflynanwana! Welcome to Steemit! Hope you'll like the community here. As a start, here are 5 tips that we believe will be helpful to you:

  1. Keep your passwords safe: Unlike conventional sites, Steemit has 4 types of passwords. Each offers varying degrees of access to your account, so know where and when to use each of them. Also, make sure to keep them all safe and secure.
  2. Get Steem rewards: When writing a post, you'll have the option to choose how to receive your reward: "Default 50%/50%" or "Power Up 100%". As of this moment, choosing Default 50%/50% is the better option. But this can change over time. Check our post to know more.
  3. Upvote wisely: When upvoting, wait at least 30 minutes after the post is published to maximize your curation reward. Also, make sure not to upvote too much too fast so as not to drain your voting power.
  4. Know your Steem, Steem Dollars and Steem Power: Steem and Steem Dollars are the 2 main currencies here. Convert and power up more Steem into Steem Power so you can have higher values on your upvotes.
  5. Have Fun and Enjoy!

For a detailed writeup, check our post Getting Started: 5 Essential Tips for New Users.

Good luck on your Steem journey! Follow us if you like to receive more helpful tips and maximize your Steemit experience.

Thank You for the awesome tips, I'll follow them all

Welcome to steemit Ma... whatever mission that brought you here shall definitely turnout to be great. The steemit ecosystem is very prolific, people are meeting opportunities and many founding their dreams. Going through your short but constructive intro, I Know hopefully a lot will be learnt from you owing to your scholastic background.

I saw you used our community tag #steemjet, #steemjet is a community that had Global Steem Adoption as her main aim BUT now changing direction into Movies, Music, On-boarding Newbies and Teaching Cryptocurrencies in general ....and you seems to have the needed skills..... find your way in, with time you will know more.
For the main time !!

WELCOME ABOARD!! @meflynanwana


Welcome pleasure to have you here here is an upvote to help you get started .

I really appreciate your kindness

Welcome to steemit community if you need upvote ypu can take subscription upvote bot and earn upto 200% Roi

Yes the @techninker is best upvote bot

Thanks guys support apprecaited

I'll Check it out. Thank you

First steem hub in Nigeria = uyo first government official to join Steemit = uyo. One of the first eos Ambassador = uyo, one of the first moderator for stach = uyo, most of the people running steemjet uyo..... First ever meetup that brought all big guys on Steemit to one location = uyo.... First ever eos meetup recorded in Africa = uyo, first ever charity donation done by steemians = uyo, first ever live TV interview organized by STEEMjet was in uyo.... I could go on and on.....

So what is Uyo feeling like now😎

We are feeling like the catalyst to doing things first😂😂

Lol goan sit down joh

Lol, lagos bro, thats the hub for crypto adoption in nigeria right now. Over 20+ blockchain companies there, uyo is cool.....not just there yet...

first ever charity donation done by steemians = uyo

How sure are you about this? You should check @steem-lagos page out and get some facts,also check some charity event in Ife by @gloglo and her team last year...Just to clear some facts out!

Welcome to steemit ma, its a pleasure having you here and getting to converse with you ones more.

You're welcome to the blockchain ma'am.

Welcome to Steemit and have fun!

Great to see you! Warm welcome:)

welcome to steemit

Welcome to Steemit @meflynanwana

Welcome to steemit @mefltnanwana . Great to have someone like you here.

It's My Pleasure

Welcome to Steemit ma'am. we're glad to have you.

pleasure is all mine

Welcome to steemit @meflynanwana. Feel free to use your office promote steemit and empower young bloggers on here..

This is my goal

Welcome to steemit, its great having someone connected to the government here, it shows we're making progress as a blockchain society in nigeria .

Good day @meflynanwana, it's my very great pleasure having you around. As a native of AKS I feel more honoured having a government rep in the house. Looking forward to enjoying good times with you madam.

The good times will soon be here

Now that is quite an assuring response.Can't wait to see what you're up to. I'm officially following your blog right away

Welcome to steemit @meflynanwana

There's a lot in store for you

@dongentle2, I see you

I'm ready to explore, Thank you.

Eos is next.. I'm already anticipating

Welcome on board @meflynanwana. I know you will enjoy your stay here. Sincerely, having someone like you here is really a big sign that the cryptocurrencey community in Nigeria is heading for the moon.
Keep dreaming and steeming........

Together we will take it to the moon

Sure we can do it.

Lol she knows about the moon already

You are welcome to the community, stay awake and make it real. Congratulations

Welcome onboard boss.. I hope you enjoy your stay here

Welcome to Steem @meflynanwana.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Hey, I sent you a warm hug. Welcome to steemit

I got your hug, Thank You @ewuoso.

You are welcome MA. looking forward to all the things you would do here

You are welcome MA.
Looking forward to all the
Things you would do here

                 - peewillz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

welcome to the world of steemit community!!.
This community will give you lots of experience and pleasure in the blockchain technology.!
i hope you will definitely enjoy.

Welcome @meflynanwana . Akwa Ibom state has consistently been the first state in Nigeria to take bold steps amd giant strikes. We've proven this yet once again. We receive this news with great joy, for what else would be pleasing than to see your government embrace the blockchain technology when other uninformed, primitive governments in the world are trying to fight against it.

I can only hope that this is not a case of impersonation because if it is really mefylyn, then we should dust our dancing shoes in the public squares as our government has just proven to be the most civilized in the world.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the ride.
You can follow me on all other social media platforms to stay updated.

You are most welcome here, its time our government get a rush in crypto adoption.

You are welcome @meflynanwana
You will definitely have a nice time here.

Welcome to Steemit @meflynanwana
I hope you enjoy it here

Welcome Mefylyn, I know you will have a wonderful time here.

You are most welcome @meflynanwana.
My deepest appreciation goes to the Steemian(s) who invited you to join Steemit.
I bet you are going to learn and have fun here, you are going to make lots of positive impacts and lots of Nigerian Steemians are gonna love you for your impacts. I believe in blockchain technology and it's ability to solve a lot of issues in the nation. This platform has created an opportunity for every productive youth to be rewarded, no matter how little. I look forward to your posts... WELCOME!

Thank you @fessikay, A lot of Youths will surely benefit from my stay here.

Wow! That will be amazing.

Welcome to steemit ma,you're a role model to so many people,it's nice to have you here.

Thank you for your kind words @iamchijamz

A very big welcome to you. Sure you've done the best thing jumping aboard the blockchain train. I wish you the best of times here.

A Nigerian government official? Pretty cool, we're getting somewhere with this. Welcome to Steemit @meflynanwana.

Welcome to the steem blockchain where the impossible happens!

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Welcome to Steem, @meflynanwana!

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So good to have you right here with us.
I personally hope to learn a lot from you.

Cheers ma'am

Fasten Your seat belt and get ready for the ride.

You're welcome @meflynanwana My belief is that you will enjoy your stay here. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Wow. 43 reputation in just one day! Please do give me the privilege of activating your byteball wallet ma?

It's so amazing to have you here on this platform. One of the most interesting things about this platform is the education we get here every second of the day. I am certain that you will love it here and also contribution to the community as well.

I'm @geekis

We believe in the Dakkada philosophy of Governor Udom Emmanuel and I know a lot of youths can Rise to the greatness if they embrace the digital ecosystem.

Welcome to steemit ma'am, you'll sure love it here.

Welcome ma to steemit

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Welcome ma'am.

Steemjet welcomes you with a heart full of love.

I've heard a lot of good things about steemjet

Welcome onboard .....i hope you enjoy your stay here😃

I will, Thank you.

Its really cool you are here ma, welcome

I am a Corporate Communications Expert , an entrepreneur, a Digital Media Marketer, Tv Presenter, Documentary FilmMaker, Voice Talent, Recording Artiste.”

This is really interesting, your profile is alluring.
Well, perhaps you might want to go through this comment. For the record, I am an Enthusiastic Blockchain Host, a budding lawyer and an astute communicator. Welcome to the community.
You will love the community here.

Looking forward to making great expliots here

welcome on steemit @meflynanwana
you will get to find out that Akwaibomite are plenty in this platform .

I just noticed.. I'm happy that my people are already mapping out the digital ecosystem.

@samstickkz has told us so much about you. Glad to see you finally onboard. Welcome to steemit!💝💞

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Hope He said nice things, Thank You.

Yes. I look forward to learning more from you on the platform.
Keep steeming!

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Welcome to steemit ☺ What type of music do you create?

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Welcome on board @meflynanwana... This is goodnews for Akwa Ibom Youth.

welcome to steemit @meflynanwana , i would like waiting for your next post

All the best,

welcome to the best place to be.
You will enjoy it here.

You're welcome to steemit Lady @meflynanwana

You're surely gonna enjoy yourself here.

I pray so, Thank you.

Why so fine? You are welcome to this great community @meflynanwana. You will love it here.

Nice having you on Steemit, Ma'am...Akwa Ibom has set the pace in bringing government to the blockchain
Potentials of Blockchain unleashed via youth empowerment

Welcome to Steemit
@samstickkz always talks about you

I hope you have a lovely time here

Welcome. Resteemed

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I'll check it out

Welcome welcome we’ve been expecting you

Glad I Made it here.

Welcome to Steemit @meflynanwana this is good news for Akwa Ibom youths. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Welcome to Steemit @meflynanwana. I wish you a wonderful stay here. @Samstickkz has been talking about you and I'm glad to see a face to the name.

Welcome ma. Welcome to the family

Welcome to steemit @meflynanwana . Am positive this is enough encouragement to people who are not on this platform. Tell that friend who is still in doubt 'steemit is here to stay'

Welcome to steemit. Having someone like you here boost the confidence of Nigeria youths.

I'm sure they will benefit a lo
Thank you.

Welcome to steemit! I've been on here for about 7 months now, and I'm still finding a lot of new things. I wrote this for newcomers, hopefully it helps you out along the way:

I'll check it out.

welcome and enjoy @qam2112

Hello @meflynanwana! I am glad with your presence in Steemit. I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon!