When I travelled home last time, I was quite impressed with the level of blockchain adoption that is going on in Akwa Ibom state. I hope to be back soon to fully participate in this campaign.

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in my town.

@lordjames something is coming to uyo.... Big Blockchain conference that will the world's attention to uyo

When is the date ßoss?
I will send you a message on Whatsapp today

That's pretty awesome man, I'll give you a call, or we'll meet in Lagos and talk about things. Nothing makes me glad like anything geared towards blockchain development in Africa.

Yes, I did enjoyed Akwa Ibom so well
Wouldn't mind getting a wife from there
Maybe you could help me on that @lordjames

Oh my kord.... Scorlfield come uyo no find me.....

I love AKS
Hope to visit there again pretty soon