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RE: Finally On Steemit

First steem hub in Nigeria = uyo first government official to join Steemit = uyo. One of the first eos Ambassador = uyo, one of the first moderator for stach = uyo, most of the people running steemjet uyo..... First ever meetup that brought all big guys on Steemit to one location = uyo.... First ever eos meetup recorded in Africa = uyo, first ever charity donation done by steemians = uyo, first ever live TV interview organized by STEEMjet was in uyo.... I could go on and on.....


So what is Uyo feeling like now😎

We are feeling like the catalyst to doing things first😂😂

Lol goan sit down joh

Lol, lagos bro, thats the hub for crypto adoption in nigeria right now. Over 20+ blockchain companies there, uyo is cool.....not just there yet...

first ever charity donation done by steemians = uyo

How sure are you about this? You should check @steem-lagos page out and get some facts,also check some charity event in Ife by @gloglo and her team last year...Just to clear some facts out!