#IntroduceMySelf: I cary #foodporn in my soul

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Back again with an #introducemyself for those who are starting in #steemit


Hello my beautiful people! Hope you´re all doing awesome. In this post I´m re-writing my #introducemyself, and you might be wondering why… Well by the time I wrote it I was just a baby in diapers in #steemit. Now I´m learning to walk lol! So the thing is that days before I was taking a look at my old post and really feel ashamed of the big mess I made! Sometime after I published I received the suggestion of the markdown guides (no wonder) of someone I´m starting to admire. I´ve being following him since my beginning and I recommend everyone to follow is @theghost1980. Here are a few of the links:


I enjoy working my assoff as long as it is about cooking

I´ve being for almost a year now investigating, doing research and studying about the bitcoin and other crypto´s. I spent hours, even days charring all that information with my oldest brother (Harold). Do to the economic crisis that we are actually living in my country (Venezuela) looking forward to increase the incomes in our family budget, both with a kid in college –many of you should probably know how´s that- well we got to the conclusion that, the crypto´s don´t come for free (maybe I´m wrong) you either make them working hard or mining in pro level, which requires a monetary investment. Do to my low income it´s almost impossible to mine on my own, but I can do is work on it, I consider I have the guts to do it. And there is when appears my great friend, brother of my soul, from a whole life time (we know each other since we were kids) @guilletona who invited me to join the @steemit community.

Welcome to myself (and who I am)



All right people! Greetings to all #Steemians from all over the world, from Venezuela and for all: me, @vicmic. Proud of what I am, of what I have and what I do! I´ve being waiting for this moment for almost a month already. Imagining every story that I could write or tell, and my mind went blank when I was going to start, so I went to some people who I know that by the time to judge somebody they do it with no mercy. My little brother, Gabriel, said I´m a “Chatterbox”, and that I should search for a synonymous of that word, but I don´t mind. The rest of the people said I am honest and impulsive, so I am literally a chatterbox. Others said I´m like shrewd, energetic, creative, dreamer, hopeful and pushfull, among other stuff. And that´s why I know I will succeed with my blog here in #Steemit.

Who I am and my passion


I´m a mother of 3! And they have such a remarkable difference in ages. From whom I for sure will be talking about a lot. The oldest is already in college (I mentioned him before); my daughter is almost a teenager (if you know what I mean); and a little 5 year old boy who thinks he is a grown up man. So there are three different worlds. I´m a wife of a journalist, writer and film-maker and I have learned a lot from him and his career (soon you will see him as @riosenjaula, which in english means “rivers in cage”). I´m 38 years old, passionate for food making to the best #foodporn style even the diet meals. I think food is fundamental for the human being and it should be good-great. I also have complex of comedian so many storytelling and recipes are gonna have a touch of madness. And of course we can´t miss in the menu some #sex every now and then to sheer up.


Hi @vicmic

Nice to meet you and know about you :)

Your Introduction post is really nice. I have some tips for you in order to further improve on Steemit and get started. Please read the following two guides that every newbie should read in order to know about different terminology used on Steemit platform or how the platform works:

The Beginner's Guide to Steemit

Steemit Wallet: Understanding Steem Power (SP), Steem Dollars (SBD) and Steem

Moreover, there are several awesome communities that help the Steemians, especially the newcomers along the way. One of them is called @greetersguild, where you can get different type of support from the community, including an upvote support, and of course, learning from experienced Steemians. It is created by @terminallyill, and I would like to invite you to join us :) Here is the link to our discord server

Oh, and you can use #greetersguild as one of your tags to get a possible upvote from @greetersguild on your quality post.

Wish you great success on Steemit :)

thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

I LOVE #foodporn
You gonna get followed ))

Me too! Take a look at my blog, I´m just getting started.

Welcome to steemit!!!

I'm delighted to have you aboard, welcome to Steemit @vicmic
Wishing you the best here

@vimic, welcome to Steemit. I know you'll enjoy being here. I give you two keys you need in your steemit journey:

  1. Dedication, persistence and consistency.
  2. Don't quit. Keep moving on.

Please, permit me to invite you to join the #steemschools discord here https://discord.gg/eTZqQvk and we will teach and support you to grow up in Steemit, to choose the right topic to attract readers, to use the right tags, make quality posts and comments on Steemit and gain more followers.

Thank you.
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Thank you! I´ve being here for almost two months but I think I was doing something wrong. my posts were like invisible lol!

Welcome to Steemit)))

welcome to steemit :)

Hello dear @vicmic, i want to welcome you to this amazing platform and i know you are going to have fun here connecting with other members and making some money. We @greetersguild are here to help you learn, earn and grow. you can also tag your post with #greetersguild if it is of high quality, it would be upvoted by members.You can also follow @greetersguild so that you can connect easily with the members. In case you have further questions, join us on discord https://discord.gg/3jYNPUx. We would be expecting you. :)

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