1# Introduction

in #introduceurself4 years ago (edited)

I am Harshil Agarwal from Mumbai, India and I got introduced to this platform through my friend @kajolag .

I am an software engineer and currently living & working in Kochi,India.

So to start of with my introduction, I would say i am a person who likes to be surrounded with people who are filled with positive thoughts and think big in life and with a great attitude.

I have a motto, that unless you don't think something extraordinary for your life you will never strive to achieve it.

I am very friendly and likes to explore new places and meeting new people.

Coming to my hobbies, i don't have any particular kind of hobby. I would indulge myself with anything i am comfortable with in my free-time. But i like playing cricket, watching biographies and exploring new stuffs.

I am also looking forward to learn some new languages.!

I am a beginner in blogging world so would like to receive all kind of suggestion.

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