Helo Steemit, i'm glad to finally meet you.

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Heloo Steemit world!!
I am so glad I am now a part of this beautiful community, let me introduce myself.

My name is Darko Ristic , but my friends call me Alen. I am 19 years old and I am from Serbia.


I am junior designer and I like photography. I have a canon 550d camera and I like to take pictures wherever I go.


I am interested in music, I bought a midi keyboard and I have started to learn a basic of music.


I also like to edit videos, cause I always have a camera with my and I record a lot.


I was born in Nis, I grew up in Sokobanja but I am currently in Belgrade and I go to IT academy - Video and audio production.
opasna slika.jpg

I like to travel and visit new places. I also like cooking, and learning new and interesting food recepies.

So there is a lot of things that I will post about, but it will mostly be about photography, design and food.

Can't wait to show you my work and my pictures, see you soon!!


Welcome ;) Check out @czechglobalhosts daily picture contests, you can win big there! Greets!

Thanks, i look foward to check it out.

Welcome! :D

your welcome

Hi Alen welcome to steemit I am happy to see you and to welcome you as well. =)
I can see that you are really into photography which is good and hope to see more interesting photos from you. I love cooking and I find it interesting so hopefully, you could share some recipes. =)

Thank you, i hope you will like my photos.

Hello there Darko :) I really loved to picture with the beautiful sky, hope to see more of your pictures soon! So welcome to steemit, the community is really great, guess you will have much fun around, greetings Yaraha

I am glad you like it, thank you.

Welcome to Steemit Alen @cvijicalen Enjoy your journey in this wonderful community. You'll surely meet great people along the way. Write freely and Keep Steeming. Looking forward to your next posts. Have a nice day! 😀

I know i wil, thank you.

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(ispričavam se ukoliko si već tamo)

Hvala, hocu.

Hi @cvijicalen welcome to Steemit great first post! I'm looking forward to seeing what more you have to share thank you for this introduction. Also if you would like to connect with new people on Steemit, our members are supportive and want to help, please use the hashtag #newbieresteemday in your posts. Visit us Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative) and follow @newbieresteemday also don't be afraid to reach out @goodguyty👌

Well done, WELCOME!

Hey, welcome! What kind of midi keyboard do you own? And how is the learning experience going?

I have m audio keystation 49e, sllowly but surely.
Thank you.

welcome to steemit hope you enjoy it here:)

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Thank you ^^

Thank you for sharing this with me.

Welcome to Steemit Alen! Glad to have you here. I'm an adventure filmmaker myself, I've been doing it full time for a few years. I post some tutorials and stuff about it on my blog, so check it out if you're interested! I hope you do well here on this platform. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything.

I will, thank you.

Welcome a board @cvijicalen hope you have a great time here!

Dobro dosao !!! :))

Добро нам дошао на Стимит, @cvijicalen :)

Hvala puno :D