Color Psychology Part 3 India

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“Color Emotion Guides” are other ways that brands incorporate color associations today. We might not be trying to heal a chest cold by painting our rooms blue, but we certainly understand that people prefer certain shades, and those shades are worth discovering through color psychology.


The studies of colour have been mostly carried out in the domain of physics, biology or psychology but the impact of colour seems to be more pervasive in marketing area. In advertising, colour provides the cornerstone of creativity and visual appeal. With the growing digital media the choice and the usage of colour has become more pervasive. With such a huge impact of colours in almost every possible marketers cannot remain ignorant (or aloof) of colour psychology.


India has always been exalted and remembered fondly as the country of symbolic colors. To an outsider, the colorful culture, streets, and stories seem like a page out of an ancient folk tale. But color, in essence, has been a large part of the Indian consciousness.

In India,
Green - Fertility, Happiness, Harmony, Islam, Life, Peace
Red - Anger, Crime, Danger, Happiness, Hindu, Faith, Marriage, Prosperity, Sensuality
Yellow - Decadence, Happiness, Unhealthy, Religion, Royalty, Warning
White - Mourning, Peace, Purity, Knowledge, Widow
Black - Death, Evil, Influences, Superstition, Negativity, Barrenness
Blue - Divinity, Royalty, Truthfulness, Class

Isn't it interesting??? What do all these colors signify in your place? Comment and Learn more