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I Amuta Sivadas, known by the name aamizone in Steemit and Instagram started using Hiveblog from yesterday. I must agree my first post was a copy paste from Steemit. No hard feelings, its from my own blog in Steemit. How about it? Single post in Steemit and Hiveblog........ But received more responses in Hive and felt better.

I am in crpto industry for a long time now, trading had gone to the nerves that i could possibly make 20 to 30 dollars in an hour, and easily 200 to 300 dollars a day if the market supports. Earlier, i started using Brave browser, which is giving out BAT for just viewing ads. But more than that, i made it the default browser just for one reason. Do you know We can complete films/ any video in YouTube with no single advertisement in Brave?? Man..... Its awesome.

Then how i came to Steemit, i will update as the next post. But here topic is about my first day experience with HiveBlog.

The first question that popped in to my mind was pretty simple. 'Who copied from whom?' Really!!!! Its the same template we are working on in Hive and Steemit. Everything looks so similar other than the preview in hive is on the right hand side. I believe most of us thought the same way. Second i did a background check and even the google has same answers for anything we asked about in Hive to that of Steemit. So, i left it and started writing.

Posted in around 8 posts in single day, i felt much happy. But suddenly it started showing transaction error while trying to post the ninth content. But it went posting in Steemit. Great, got another comparison fail in Hive. Then the trials to clarify this started.

But the same day me and my friend started a telegram group for steemit and hive bloggers. We got many responses and felt good. Most of the people from India wasn't aware of it, so started the page to promote both to our connections. And of course i shared it in Twitter as well. Anyone would tag people related to the community so that our connections could go by and check them. To my surprise, i received a comment from HiveShareBlog. Felt happy until i saw the comment. It says "Stop plagiarizing content and then I'll consider it. Until then...Its a no from me".

What!!!! Already pissed of at not able to post the content i prepared, and reading this..... Man... We got to a literal fight. At last, after an hour or so; HiveShareBlog completely let me who i am and fled I would say. May be they realized its just a waste of time or they went for a beer; i wouldn't know. The last comment read "Whatever dude, whatever.... Peace out, god bless". I felt bad after some time so i apologized for the fight through a direct message which they haven't even replied to.

That was the fun part of it if i would say.... I got a comment from HiveShareBlog themself!!!!!! And that's it. Without able to post the ninth content i went to bed. Rather i would say i rechecked to post the content every 2 hours till morning. Anyway, it got published now. And this post again is showing "Buy Hive Power". Whereas in here, its getting delivered easily.