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It's been a while since posting...over a year in fact. So much has changed, yet so much is still the same in my life. Twenty nineteen and twenty twenty were kind of a blur to me. We had so much severe illness, death, destruction, financial uncertainty and much despair in our family during that year. I sadly lost loved ones through death and then lost more loved ones by matter of choice during the year. Our office building was destroyed in a tornado and then the Covid began. It all overwhelmed me so much that I (like I always do) recluse into my home.

It's cliche to say that life is too short and too precious, and you should spend it doing what you love with who you love....I think that is more true now in my life than ever.

may28 cover.jpg

So, with all of that said, I'll clear anything up for you. Yes, Brad and I are still married and our son is the greatest thing to us. Our troubles come with helping others who should really be helping themselves. We shouldn't waste our time on anyone who only wants help but will never offer it. So that's the moral to the entire year. Oh, and watch the weather, tornadoes aren't to be reckoned with....this is my office from the storm.


Ironically, I'm going to say that through it all this past year, I did gain a huge amount of something that I didn't know was possible. My husband and son stood right by my side, along with his family. My love and admiration for Brad's family has grown stronger because of all of this, and my love for Brad even surpasses that. Brad stood by me and held my hand through it all, but more than that....he took over in places of our life that I couldn't seem to bring myself to do. Even though he was just as tired, worn and stressed as I, he did it without blinking an eye or muttering any despair.

Caleb was pushed aside during this time, and just like me, he recluses to his room. After it was all over, he was back to being Caleb. He knows that his parents feel it's important to help others in need and I'm happy to have him see that we do. But he also saw that we were broken through it all too. In the end he learned that helping is what you should do, but you must take care of yourself first. He's such a grown up for such a young age.

2019 12.JPG

Now, that's the sore spot of the past year...onward to the great spots!! We got Caleb a puppy!!


We adopted him in November of last year and Caleb proudly gave him the name "Snoopy". :) So we now have a Scooby and a Snoopy...yes it gets confusing, and yes they both run when either name is called. ;)

Isn't he the cutest?!! However, that was in's what he looks like now....



I mean, this dog is massive!! As of right now he's about 70 pounds and he's right at 9 months old. We got him from a shelter as (what we thought was) a nearly 4 month old Boston Terrier, mix.....


Well that wasn't even close. Instead he was a barely 2 month old American Staffordshire Terrier, mix. So instead of a 30-40 lb dog, we got a 75-85 lb dog. We had tried re-homing him when we found out what he was. I was afraid of the size he would be and the lack of space we would have for him....but my heart strings got pulled too hard.


It must be his floppy ears...they are so freaking cute!! So we have this massive cow that lives in our house. He eats so much food, he snores so loudly, he tracks dirt all throughout my house, chews on the walls and he's hell bent on rough house playing at 3am. Work has most certainly been cut out for me.



Our dog (Scooby, the chihuahua) is none too thrilled to be sharing the limelight with this huge horse.


But I'm sure Scooby will eventually get through it. For now I have to spend quality time with Scooby because Snoopy attracts all the attention with his robust personality.

While that's not all the good stuff that's happened this past year, I will end it there for now. I will catch up more later on in another post.

So, am I back for good? I'm not sure...but I know I miss you all so much. Writing is so therapeutic for I'm sure for most people. But I think I will just see where I go from this post on.

I miss you Steemit!!

Unit next time, take care.



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