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RE: SteemPress 1.2 Update: New logo and design, curation, work on a new front-end, new features

in #introduceyourselflast year (edited)

I would like to thank, both of you @fredrikaa and @howo for creating such wonderful platform from where we can upload our Wordpress content/blogs directly to STEEM Block Chain.

To onboard masses with @steempress-io, , we also had an advertisement in our site, so that people visiting our site can know about Steem blockchain and get started by landing up at

I post around 20 to 25 blogs/news daily on my blog page but only 10 blogs are posted on the steem blockchain page. Please guide and help me to publish all the blogs/news to the STEEM Blockchain.

As of today, we have posted 11000 posts in our Web page. It’s been more than two months we integrated our site with the SteemPress plug-in. So every news that is published in our site also lands up on the Steem blockchain.

Thanking you in anticipation.