Hello I'm AMVTV and I'm here to bring you some of the best Anime Music Videos on the internet

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This account sprung from idea I had while travelling.

The purpose of this account will be to upload AMVs to DTube, discuss AMV topics, and stream AMVs on DLive.

If you have never heard of an Anime Music Video (AMV) come check one out. I should be streaming by the time this post goes live.

Link Here: https://www.dlive.io/#/livestream/amvtv/c5782160-072c-11e8-8731-a7fafbe955cf

An AMV can be any genre of music synced in some way to scenes from an Anime. Typically there is a shared theme between the Anime and the Music or editing is used for a comedic effect. Lip syncing is not required but is sometimes used to make it appear the characters are singing along to the music.

I've always enjoyed watching them, and I wanted to share them with the Steemit community!

Don't let one clip using a specific genre of music or style of anime turn you off the concept, I will be uploading things for people of all tastes. If you absolutely hate Anime or Music, then I don't know if this will be worth your time and you may want to skip this one.

Thank you for your time,


hello @amvtv and welcome to steemit!

this is a great place with a great community .. glad to have you.

I'm @edosweet. I'm here to welcome you specially to this platform. I'm really glad you are here and hope to see you become a great steemian. Good luck to you! IMG_20180130_094825

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