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Hello Steemers!
This is my very first post!My name is Andy,and i heard about Steemit from my friend.This is the first time i heard about "blockchain based social media platform".And i must say,that im impressed by the idea,this has potential to grow into something BIG!This intro won't be long,because im on my work place right now,and i don't think my boss would be happy if he finds out,that right now i writing introduce myself blog,instead of working,so this will be it for now.
i think my boss is comming..i see you soon! BYE! :)


Welcome to Steemit...careful during postings!

please also upvote me

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Thank you!

Hi @andy23 and welcome to Steemit :)

Welcome Andy, you're going to have a great time. Don't quit your job just yet for steemit, but I'm looking forward to what you put forth.

Welcome Andy nice intro upvoted and followed.

Welcome to steemit and good luck on here!