Hello STEEMAINS, I am @Arpitpaliwal from india 🇮🇳

Hello STEEMAINS!!!, I am feeling too good to be on such a great blogging site where people from different fields of interest share there thoughts, views, and many more stuff which improvise our knowledge regarding it. This is for the first time I am blogging, and I can't tell that it's so interesting that I am totally getting into it.

First of all I want to introduce myself to you all great people. As I told you I am ARPIT PALIWAL from India. I am 18 years old and passed out my 12th grade this year. I have joined steemit few months ago, as I came to know about it from my elder brother, I found it interesting so I made an account, but after I took a long brake for my exams because I could not focus on my studies, but now they are over and I am back to blog again.


There are a lot of things that which excites me and takes me to another world. That includes-


These are some pictures clicked by me. The first picture is clicked when I was on a trip to madurai with my friends and the second one was clicked on a winter evening when it was too cold and I was sitting next to fire with my family at home.


I am always fond of good and tasty food. So I myself started cooking lot of delicious and mouth watering food recipies after learning them from youtube, and now I think I should learn it professionally because I am enjoying it a lot.


I like it for two reasons first is that it's good for health and second I like outing. Whenever it's like I am mentally tired of my daily schedule I just take my bicycle and go where ever I want and the ride is never less than 20 km. On my way I meet new people and discover new places and facts.

4. Drawing

Whenever I get some time out of my hectic life I spend it on making some drawing and paintings, and it often help to heal my mind. When I am doing it I get totally lost in that.

This is the painting which I made in school competition and I got second prize for this, winning this competition invoked more interest towards it, and then I started making car sketches which you can see below.

5. Travelling

I think there is no one in this world who don't love to travel, so even I do. Traveling let you learn and explore new things and people. For me best part about travelling is clicking great pictures, and having some mouthwatering new dishes which I have never ate before.

So stay tuned by following me for getting more fresh and original content


Thankyou @daveks for selecting my blog for your daily spotlight.

Welcome to Steemit!
We like your country, we traveled in 2012.
Greetings from Austria!

Thank you.🙂
Hope you went with good memories from India🇮🇳

Thank you. I am so overwhelmed😊😊

Welcome to our Steem Community @arpitpaliwal!!
I still wish you best of luck.Always keep your master key safe and log in with your posting key.If you loose these keys you don't get any password recovery from #Steemit. So be alert.And if you want to know more about earning Steemit.Then you can learn from here:

Thank you @mintu for your suggestions.