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I spent my afternoon being a positive troll on Reddit


This week, I joined Steemit and this is my third post. Since I came from Reddit, I thought I’d let some others over there know about what Steemit offers.

First, I helped someone come up with a name for his blog, but suggested he just start it on Steemit where he can get paid right away.


Next, I posted an inquiry in /r/blogs, wondering whether any blog writers there have heard of this Steemit site that is paying people to post. I noted that I’d made one rather weak post over here and made $200 already.


And third, I entered a weekly discussion where bloggers post their sites so others can review them. My site? Steemit. Where, again, I made $200 for my first short but informative post.


My Reddit posts may not get many responses. I know they won't make me any money. But I think some people will read them and want to check out this Steemit site. So that was my good deed yesterday afternoon.


Are referrals a thing now? Are people getting paid for them?

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