Hi Steemit! My introduction post

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My introduction post

I'm excited to be part of this family.
I am a fourth-year student in electrical engineering and I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Our capital, Sarajevo:

I love electronics, coding and photography. It's been a month since I started playing with a STM32 microcontroller:


My progress is still very slow but I'm not giving up :)

I regularly upload videos on my youtube channel and website where I teach students on various topics related to electrical engineering.

I'm looking forward to learn more about Steemit and blockchain technology.

Greetings from Bosnia!


Follow me and upvote for more articles.


Welcome to Steemit. I am following you!

Thanks @jasmine-l
I'll follow back ;)

Welcome to the club! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

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Welcome to the family Bosman. Great to have you here. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. See you around!

Hi @bosman!


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