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Hey all! So last week I introduced myself, now I'm introducing my boys to the Steemit world. The one making the shot is Cam and the little guy on the couch hanging out is Bennett. They are such a blast. I can't wait till they are old enough to get technology! (Though Cam loves youtube on the tablet, shoutout to Ryan's Toy Reviews)

Let me know how I can help you guys, this community seems to be amazing and I hope to connect with you all!


Two little angels, you're blessed!

Most of the time they are angels, hah. But yes, so blessed I cant even say. Thanks for the comment.

Welcome to Steem @cammaster I have upvoted and sent you a tip

welcome to steem
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have a great meeting

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 Welcome to this incredible platform, hope everything will work out for you. Being here it’s not easy but not difficult neither only an extra effort will go a long way, engagement is the key good luck I’m @tinashe Start by Following ,Upvoting &Resteeming people and they will do the same. 



Thank you


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Hi my friend , welcome to Steemit. I am religious leader here on steemit, if you have any need to read God's word or receive a prayer, comment and my team will keep you in prayer. I do hope that you have a wonderful time on this platform, if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with do not hesitate to ask, I will be more than happy to help.
If you would like to stay in touch please Follow me @pastorlea

That sounds fantastic. I am a Christ follower so I will definitely let you know some prayer requests as they arise. Following you!

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