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I'm loving this series. I'm enjoying living your travelling life vicariously!
You travel for about 6 months per year but you have room in your bus to store all your things while people tour inside of your bus like it is an art gallery? That is amazing how little you must take with you. Photography is really the largest part of your life while you are out!

Thanks @re-engineer! Sometimes I take a caravan with me, as darkroom and exhibition space, but the bus itself is quite spacious. it also has kind of a cellar (cargo bay), so 'upstairs' I can keep a open loft-feeling.
Here's the maximum set-up:

I understand. I think you could probably house your stuff and cat in that, especially since cats don't mind small spaces!

They can be so helpful too!

cats, oh cats! They are such incredible creatures!

I quite enjoy your adventures CK. I suggest not using the introduceyourself tag again, you may get in trouble from the steem police.

yepp, spaminator has been here ;), so no more of that tag.
After posting mostly pictures in the beginning, I now really start to like the small stories behind & around them. And there are so many!

Very smart use of a bus , congrats for your nice work.

There's also a bus here at the "Rincón Pío Sound" (Spain) temple of music and arts where people come to sit on groups and talk ,drink and whatever while listening music . Sometimes before or after a concert , artists and musicians go there to take a break and sometimes they play unexpectedly ... it's unique. Soon I will post some pics.

Thank you for your posts

Best wishes ;)

A Bus can make for a great social center.
Thanks for the words @drakernoise!

Sehr schön, besonders die Beschreibung!

wow, that dark room representation is awesome. also you look the part, looking good!

I know it's hard work but I still think it looks really exciting.

Of course, reading your posts we only get to see the good bits and not the day to day toil.

It's so different though and such a varied life. At least that's how the pictures make it look. 😊

Thanks for sharing this. I hope lots of people get to see it!

It is hard work that is very fullfilling. So it doesn't feel like hard work but rather like intense life :)
thanks for your words, support & resteem @gillianpearce!

That's true passion, very inspiring.

It is a fair bit of hard work and totally different from digital processing for sure, but there must be a great feeling of satisfaction from it

I shot film and processed my own a little in the 70’s and may well consider it again when I retire

One great thing about that line of work: It slows you down.
In a time when there are more than 5 billion picutres takien daily, I am happy to make only 50 a year....
Even with my digital camera I shoot very little and very focussed.

That’s a great way to be I should try and change my way
I am a hyper person always on the go and not able to sit still for long at all

A big and slow bus and big and slow cameras definately help ;)

It must indeed
I have to learn patience someday lol

This is incredible. How cool that you make your prints on the go. I shoot film too but have yet to develop my own work personally.

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