Two Milestones in One Day: Induction to the Quarter Life Crisis Squad and One Month Celebration as a Steemian

Hi! My name is Carlo Angelo M. Niere and yesterday, March 1, 2018, is my 25th Birthday as well as my first full month as a Steemian


"How did you celebrate your Birthday?"

I was actually working the whole day, the only celebration I did was just eating our hearts out on an unlimited Korean BBQ place in Tomas Morato in Quezon city here in the Philippines named Romantic Baboy. We started eating 11pm Feb 28, 2018 till 1:30am March 1, 2018. So it's more like welcoming my Birthday. I really had fun with my officemates. My birthday is at the center of the week so a normal celebration wouldn't be possible as we are really busy at work. I'm quite fortunate to have eaten out with my officemates on a Wednesday. Will be celebrating my birthday more I think on the weekend. :D

Here are some photos I took last night:


The place where welcomed my 25th year here in earth


What our table looked like inside


Closer look on the meats we were cooking, Ow that's melted cheese, egg and kimchi on the side


Group Picture taken by My instant camera

"How do you feel now that you are on your 25th year of existence?"

I'm on the quarter-life crisis as they say. I think more and more responsibilities will be given to me not just at work but also as a part of my family. We are not currently on good terms when it come to the monetary aspect but we get by. I also help my mom and and dad with all the expenses that we have so I guess I got the going for me. I really miss hanging out with my friends though; like just hanging out, chilling without any worries. But I guess that's what it takes to be an adult, to have more to think about and less time to have fun. hahaha!! I will definitely change that in the near future.

"Now let's go to your experience as a Steemian for one month, How was it?"


I have received support from many people since Day 1. Especially from @enjieneer. She has become one of my mentors here in steemit. My introductory post gathered attention and I was featured in steemph's post:

I was very lucky to be featured in that post as many people noticed my introduction. I have received many words of encouragement from newbies like me and from people who have stayed for so long in steemit. I have grown as a person and as a steemian because of all of the support of all those people who have encouraged and inspired me to do better. :)

Here are some of the welcoming words I received from my co-steemians on my introductory post.

"What did you gain in that first month?"

In terms of the monetary aspect, I haven't gained that much because I always convert my earnings to Steem Power. I idolize @surpassinggoogle and other steemians who support minnows by upvoting and resteeming their posts. Especially the newbies, they are a big help to us. I dream to be one of those who helps newbies and other co-steemians. That's why I always convert my earnings to SP. :)

On the other hand, this is what I really gained in the past month:

  • Followers who admire my work. These people are one of the reasons I do what I do. I create awesome instant photos(well In my P.O.V, hehe) to share to my followers and for other co-steemians to discover. It's really an awesome feeling when people admire your work. Here are some of the feedback I have gotten for my work:

  • A place where I can share my talent in singing. It's been a while since I sang my heart out publicly. I have had Acute Laryngitis for the past year and I'm still on the process of healing my throat. Steemit gave me a stage in which I can perform in. I want to impart and share this talent I have to all of the people here in steemit. I recently joined a singing contest by @steemitachievers. I won the first stage but still has a Grand finale on the weekend. It was really a nice feeling when people was amazed by my voice. I know I'm not that great of a singer but I give every performance my 100 percent eveytime.


    Image Source

  • A friend in the likes of my co-steemians. I have become friends with many people I do not know personally. I just know them thru steemit but I feel that we have this certain connection that bind us together. It's really an awesome feeling to have friends from all over the world.


    Image Source

  • A challenge. A challenge to be better on what I do. A challenge to deliver more valuable content to the community. A challenge to become those people who I admire here in steemit. These tests are what keeps me going everytime. I want to be a better person and a better steemian for all of the people to love and look-up to. I know that dream is next to impossible but I'll do my best to achieve it.


    Image Source

"So what's next? Is there anything more you can offer to the Community?"


Here are some of my future plans for my content.

  • I haven't shared my journey for a slimmer body but that's still a Work In Progress. I'll be sharing that at the end of the year. Hopefully everything goes as planned.
  • My 100 days;100 Instant photos is yet to finish, so hope you guys follow that challenge.
  • New format for my photography. I have recently bought a full on 35mm film Camera which is Olympus Pen EF. I have started shooting using this camera with the film I bought for it. Will be uploading pictures from that once I get all my films developed and scanned.

    Olympus Pen EF


Fresh Films I got from Film Folk(online camera shop)


Expired films I recently got

  • I will be sharing some of my old film photography also here in steemit
  • I'm planning to conduct contests for more Steemit Engagements between Steemians
  • Many More....

"Any last words?"

I know there are new responsibilities for me as a newly inducted member of the Quarter Life Crisis Squad. I'm excited to see what the world has in store for me , so goodluck to me on that. As a Steemian, I know the learning process is a never-ending process. I hope to archive and finish all the challenges I have set forth for myself and I hope you guys who have read up to this point follow me through my journey. I will surely be following you also on your journey.

Thanks for celebrating these two milestone I have reached with me.

All pictures and screenshots without source given are taken by me



Hello kumusta? Happy Birthday nga pala and happy 1st month on steemit. Nakakatuwa naman na makita na unti unti nagiging successful tayo dito. ;)
Call center ba yong work mo, okay lang naman ba dyan sa may Tomas Morato kasi grabe yung traffic hindi ko kinakaya. lol

Thanks po :) Uhmm. IT Resource po ako sa accenture at the moment. hehehe. Keri naman po sa Tomas Morato pag gabi. hehe.

Push lang tayo ng push to more successful tomorrow. hehe. :D

Nice to meet you and Happy Birthday, Carlo! :)) I wish that actions would always speak louder than words in your life! Best of luck and happy celebrating ahead :)

I am into motivation, awareness, health and more in case you would like to visit my channel :) VALUE guaranteed

Thanks @wild-forest! :) Nice meeting you. :)

Welcome to Steem @carloniere.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Hello @carloniere. The baboy looks delicious, I would love to eat that. Happy birthday brother!🎂 I know you are in a good place now. Good luck on your slimming program. Keep doing what you love, keep Steeming! Hope we can meet soon. 💙

Yes! That baboy really is delicious!! hahaha!! :D See you soon!! :)

Were almost the same age lang pala! I have greeted you na on the group chat the other day pero belated happy birthday ulit.

You have done well on your first month, 44 agad rep mo which means you did great. Tuloy tuloy lang tayo! Congrats on your milestone!

Belated happy birthday! Congrats sa contest and for sure kaya mo yan! :D Happy 1st steemit monthsary! Ang bonga daming pasabog today! Hahahaha

Thanks besh!! :D push lang ng push. :)

welcome join steemit, give your imagination here.

Happy Birthday and Happy one month here in steemit gurl!! One month ka pa lang but you've already achieved so much! Push mo yang mga pacontest mo, I'll support you. 😁More earnings and learnings to come❤

YAASSS!!! Thanks beshie for everything!! :D muah!! :) Will do my best to promote steem engagement! finafinalize ko nalang yung thoughts for the said contest. hahahaha XD

happy birthday carlo! i hope you enjoyed your day although I can see that you did!

oh those films!!

best of luck to your singing tomorrow!

Thanks mamsh @junebride!! :D Yep i really had fun yesterday!! hehehe. :D And thanks for the Good luck for tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous. hahaha


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Welcome to the club kabayan @carloniere. Enjoy your stay
in steemit. Hope to see you in each others feed😉 Mabuhay ka! Godbless.

Happy birthday again carlo! Happy first monthsary na rin as a steemian!! I hope you enjoyed your day. Happy steeming! 💛

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Happy Birthday Carlo and Happy 1 Month Anniversary!! Steemit time goes very quickly doesn't it?

Welcome to Steemit. We are very proud to have you singing in SA radio. Happy birthday anyway. I'm sorry to hear about your complication last year but now you can sing. We never noticed about it. By the way, happy birthday. That's a lot of foods in the table. Mouthwatering. grrrr! Happy birthday and happy stay in Steemit! Steem on!

Happy birthday bro, follow your passion bro , keep inspiring us your the model to be follow kept it up

Happy Birthday Carlo and Happy 1st month! :)

Thanks po. :D