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RE: Charlie Shrem Is Now On Steemit!

I have a series of posts I'm writing now about socioeconomic observations in prison. If the Steemit community likes it, Ill post it here exclusively.


I would love to see those posts. Those of us who are in this industry have constant threat of prison for victimless crimes. It would be good to know what we can expect.

victim less crimes? by definition they can't morally be a crime? Againts the law maybe but please remember that nelson mandela was legally a terrorist in south africa for 20+ years. I will probably go to prison for having a form of autism and using marijuana to balance me... Stupid world we live in run by even stupider people :(


Nelson Mandela WAS a terrorist!

For example, smoking pot is a victimless crime. To be a crime there is no moral requirement, it merely has to be against the law.

crime != evil

American Patriots Militia Groups continue to send out loud and clear message to the 13 inbred Terrorist European Bloodlines

The world needs leaders, who sometimes fall, but we help pick them back up and they are remembered for their sacrifice for the greater good. :)

Uh, I think SteemIt might like that.

I find that highly intriguing as I've recently (past year or so) had highly unlawful experiences with the "justice" system (Officers lied about the situation and I had no way to combat it. <- Click if you'd like to read about it.) and as a result, have dealt with prison/jail and it tends to be a complete miscarriage of said "justice" harboring more disgust and a growing feeling of resentment for a system that claims to try to make things better, but only ever has unjust and immoral results to show for their efforts. Glad to have you here on steemit! The more political/social/economic powerhouses we have on the platform, the better the content will be and the better the direction in which the platform heads in as a whole. I would wish you success, but as I can tell, you've clearly been met with instant success! (Much deserved, I must say.) I will, in turn, wish you more success and hope that you contribute a decent amount of content. As an intellectual, I love to learn about as many different topics as I can and further my knowledge base on those that I already have a base knowledge of.

Best wishes @charlieshrem !

In all likelihood it'll be a smash. Welcome aboard.

Does focusing on the socioeconomic status of those in prison and put preventative measures in place for that particular group work better than focusing on racial differences - in my opinion propagate racism and a racial divide.

I work in prison, I would be interested to see your observations

Wow, of course wed love it! There's a niche or will be a niche for everyone! I'm still looking for a solid lgbt steem community. We should implement social groups at some point soon.

Yes please

Please do! That would be absolutely beneficial for all of us here.

Looking forward to your observations & involvement @chalieshrem! At the Garden of Eden, we too live with constant threats for victimless crimes, but we're a community of well-educated individuals who know more about the law than most lawyers, and it gives us power in the system. We're seriously excited to be on this revolutionary new platform to exchange valuable ideas with sharp minds!

@pierce-the-veil: I anticipate this would be a very interesting read.

Would love to communicate further if possible.



As an econ major i would love to see what you have to share. I will be watching for those posts

Up voted because YES, we want to read your observations while in prison @charlieshrem

Bring them On @charlieshrem . I would love hear some. Have some experience myself

I doubt you post it for the money involved? Aren't you already a rich man? :)

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