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Good day, morning, evening to ALL @partiko lovers.

@chromatic-dragon has a CHALLENGE for the #partiko-community being held by @frankcapital #partiko-partners

To kick off the 2019 New Year and the start of January of 2019...

How does a @chromatic-dragon Steem Monsters Beta Edition Level 1 Dragon Splinter Card sound?

I don't hear you...???

(((crickets chirmping)))

Ok, ok, ok jokes aside lets get into the CHALLENGE, shall we?

Frank here @frankcapital which is my Partiko Partners account.

Here is the CHALLENGE!

  1. DOWNLOAD @partiko from the iOS or Google Play Store and log in with steemconnect if you have not done so already!
  2. Follow @chromatic-dragon and (PLEASE) Resteem this post.
  3. Send @chromatic-dragon a message using the @partiko Chat feature saying...



  1. Must be using the @partiko app!
  2. Must follow @chromatic-dragon so you don't miss daily updates, contest, and challenges.
  3. Must send message to @chromatic-dragon using the @partiko Chat which will be CONFIRMED with a response from @chromatic-dragon

As they say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case it will be a @chromatic-dragon

Stay tuned and don't miss your chance to WIN a FREE Chomatic-Dragon Steem Monsters Beta Level 1 Card.

More to be announced soon, don't forget to follow @chromatic-dragon

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Welcome to Steemit @chromatic-dragon!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

Welcome chromatic-dragon!
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I WANT THE CHROMATIC-DRAGON STEEM MONSTERS CHALLENGE!!! The iOS Partiko app does not have the messaging feature so I am contacting you here.

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@chromatic-dragon CONFIRMED your CHALLENGE via reply for iOS @partiko users.

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!bookkeeping steemmonsters

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Hi @frankcapital!



  • 502.130 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM from Affiliate
  • 26.400 STEEM from tournament prizes
  • 2.602 vested STEEM
  • 147.029 SBD
  • 0.000 SBD from Affiliate


  • 579.494 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM for tournament entry fees
  • 16.468 SBD


  • -48.362 STEEM
  • 130.561 SBD