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RE: Welcome to Tina's World - Who's that girl?

I love your style. This is by far the shortest post I've read on Steemit. Thanks for wasting so much of my time tonight dear @tinadahmen.

I sincerely wish you the best that you are capable of. I so believe you have what it takes to be uber-successful. And yes, I have seen too many wanna-be's in my 13 years as an Executive and Life Coach.

Hats off to you and your amazing vision,

Mel @coachmelleow


@coachmellow Not sure how to take a comment like this from a wanna be 'coach'...

I was actually complementing you in a "counter intuitive" way.

I thoroughly enjoyed your post!!

By the way the wanna be reference was not about you.

I can see from my perspective that you have a great desire for something great!

Keep it up @tinadahmen

Oh okay @coachmelleow must have taken it the wrong way then. Thanks for clarifying!

Written format can always be misconstrued to another meaning based on our perspective.

One test, if you re-read what I wrote with a BIG Smile on your face and knowing I meant well... You will automatically get a different meaning. Try it and let me know. 😊😊

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