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RE: SteemPress 1.2 Update: New logo and design, curation, work on a new front-end, new features

I am really excited to use this...and had hoped to have it working perfectly by tomorrow or the next day! The largest problem for right now is the featured image on Wordpress automatically showing up as the top image and thumbnail on Steemit. This needs to be optional...a checkbox on the page or in settings.

Since my Wordpress featured images are square and designed differently they just don't work as the default Steemit thumbnail which looks better rectangular. I can't not use a featured image on my Wordpress blog because it won't appear on the front end...but I don't want this featured image to be the only one that Steemit chooses regardless of the first image in the post. When I tried to fix it...I ended up with two of the same image cloned!

What I really want to see is the option to have the first image that appears in the Wordpress post show up the same as the first image in the Steemit post...and the Wordpress featured image toggled to be independent. Meaning that it does not cancel out the first image of the post! This seems the most natural for Steemians going over to WordPress...and anyone from Wordpress coming to Steemit can just toggle it back the other way...especially if their theme uses featured images that are rectangular. there any way to customize the text or style in the link that automatically shows up on the bottom of each page? It's not formatted correctly with a big space after the link to the steempress plugin and isn't very attractive. What would be a tiny banner with your new graphic that says right on it the part about 'posted from my blog with SteemPress' like a little badge and the banner links to the plugin directory...then right below the link our posts on Wordpress is centered and or possibly in bold. This could be done manually with an available css field in settings and a parameter to automatically grab the current post link...or built in universally for everyone. I would much rather see a little badge/banner that links to the plugin versus text based link.


This is some very good points ! We expected you'd want to have the featured image to be on top because it's also on top on your actual wordpress article, I'll add a checkbox to handle that soon.

As for the link, not yet although it's planned. Having a banner instead of text is a good idea ! We'll look into it as well.

Thanks a lot for your feedback :)

Sorry for the long winded comment before! I was trying to make sense of the whole thing myself. And still trying...haha. With my WordPress theme and custom post type the featured image actually does not appear on the in order to make it look the same as Steemit I need to add the cover image in manually as part of the template.

I haven't gotten around to creating two different that is where the duplicate comes in. But I also don't need two different images with the same details on the top of only the Steemit post before delving into the actual content...looks really the check box to disable the thumbnail carrying over to Steemit would be wonderful to make both posts look the same! As long as it still picks up the first image.

Also still hope to see a badge type banner linking to the plugin directory in the near future...might seem like an insignificant detail but since we can't control how that bit shows would help make the post look more polished and finished. Also...any chance for branding is a good one!