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RE: My First Post on Steemit Platrorm as My Introduction

Hi Maryam,

Welcome on Steemit!

Nice to see such a comprehensive introduce yourself post. This way we get to know you straight away. And I'm directly curious to see what future blogs you will write?

It's really great to have you as new Steemonian on this awesome platform. I hope you will enjoy Steemit just as much as I do. In my first 3 months I found out there is really a lot to discover. First of all about how Steemit precisely works (my suggestion is that you take your time to learn about that subj). But also to find out how you can find users that share interesting blogs? So who do you need to follow?

One of the things I really like is the social aspect. There are a lot of people willing to help you. And also after a little time you get a fan base. And last but not least, the are a lot of communities. Myself I joined the Dutch community (since I live in The Netherlands).

If you have any questions about Steemit, you can always try to find the answers in the welcome and/or FAQ section. Or if you prefer you can just ask me. I would be happy to help you out 😀


yes sir you are right, all steemians helping each other, I see this in few days. thank you