Lucky Winner of 0.05btc Has Been Chosen!

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This morning as promised, the winner of the challenge posted 3 days prior to this being posted will be contacted for their btc address in order to receive their prize! If you were unsuccessful this time, there will be more challenges in the near future, so be prepared!

Whilst I'm on the topic of lucky breaks, I'd like to share a fraction more of my story and how I rose from rock bottom to where I stand today. I feel that motivation is lacking within the vast majority of society in the modern world, therefore I'd like to provide some...

I began my teenage life just like most people, focused on making friends and my education (I was the overweight smart kid that nobody liked). Although finding it tough progressing through the years of torment at school, it never really phased me and I was generally a happy person.

Having reached the ripe age of 15, I decided that it was time for a change, I began exercising which became an obsession leading to me retaining only 5% body fat. Following this great success that I had always dreamed of, I began life at a new college about an hour away from my home and this is where the problems began...

Upon arriving at this new college, I was eager to make friends, and unfortunately, I made the wrong ones. I had strapped myself in to the slippery slope of drug addiction which, and I know this is cliche, surprisingly began with just one cigarette. From cannabis to developing a full blown MDMA addiction, I had experienced it all, smoking 10 cigarettes daily in addition to all of this. My education was ruined and my prospects of becoming a lawyer were also obliterated. After a whole year and a half of torment and addiction I came upon cryptocurrency, and at this point, I had managed to gain access to my life savings from my parents, of which I had £500 left. This day was the day that forever changed my life!

Despite not being in education any more and my addictions at their peak, I threw myself into the world of cryptocurrency, resulting in the steady loss of my addiction and the rejuvenation of my once highly functioning mind. The £500 that I began with now sits at over £2,000,000 and, although still retaining side effects from the experiences of my past, I could not be in a happier place.

If you are inspired by my story and you cared to read this far, first and foremost thank you. It makes me so genuinely elated that I can inspire people. Secondly, if you would like me to help you make it to where I am now, my business offers a service to manage a cryptocurrency portfolio for you, for 1 year, whereby I will make you at least 50 times your initial investment. If you are not pleased with the results at the end of the year, I will gift you 0.02btc on top of your returns as a silver lining. The link to my businesses service is
Happy trading and I am always here to assist anyone experiencing any trauma affecting them.
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Its nice to know where you got your inspiration from. I'd say ypu were on the verge of total drug addiction but you managed to get out of it because of crypto. Its a great story and it helps peopl to know you better.

Ypur influence is geowing npre and more in this platform. I know you'll e a whale here someday with your expertise in crypto. Thabks for trusting me. Looking forward to your success

fantastic story! congrats man! I am so happy you made it through your experience with a strong motivation and positive outlook! keep up the good work! Also I am curious about your investment service, how can you claim to make people at least 50 times their investments? seems like a liability problem.. just curious

I have great confidence in the projects that I have lined up, in addition to confidence in my trading abilities. I literally spend 10 hours a day on my laptop trading and doing research. Furthermore, if the person is displeased with the service after a year I offer a 0.02 btc subsidiary and in the unlikely event that portfolio loses money, I reimburse whatever amount that may be back into the persons portfolio. I hope this clears it up for you and it would be a pleasure to manage a portfolio for you using my knowledge and experience.

welcome cryptocultivate, nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too!

Thanks for sharing your story. Glad it is continuing on a happier path!

Thanks it means a lot! :) I just hope my story can inspire others

Wow. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your story. I do believe not will motivate someone. I'm excited about your success!

My goal is to inspire people to be successful, I used to passionately engage in public speaking competitions in my youth and my goal in life is to one day become a motivational speaker so that others may draw inspiration from my story. This is just a general overview of the last few years of my life, I had to overcome numerous obstacles within this period, I hope though that you found some inspiration in the message I shared :)

hope for best <3

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