Best 2 Seconds of My Life

I enjoy reading the content here on steemit. Especially the original creations of people expressing joy, optimism, love, knowledge, frustration and pain in life as they see it. I enjoy very much the diversity this platform presents. I will use my down-vote as Thor's Hammer for anyone who mentions Donald Dumb or a wedding. I begin to hate the conventional news media platforms. It is all so one sided and pointless. I also hate plagiarism, so I will hammer it down. Let's begin.

(I am a 36 year old guy somewhere in Europe, if you see pictures of women in my blog, it is not me, I just like them)


I want to remain with certain level of anonymity to express myself freely. The above is an accurate picture of me. This is where the 2 seconds come from - alcohol. I like it! I started to hang out in bars when I was 16. As most poeple in Europe do. 20 years later I am still doing the same with a brief interruption of a 10 year marriage.


This picture explains a thousand words. It is a perfect example of how I feel in the morning after going out. The best 2 seconds of my life is the brief moment when you wake up and you hope that last night was just a dream. The friends you met, the alcohol you drunk, the strip-clubs, the thousands of dollars spent - all just a dream. Then a train with excruciating pain in your head hits. No, it was all real.

I am a degenerate.


I do not drink alone. I see no point in it. So this is how it starts. An innocent mention of some drinks at work for any reason, a celebration of Wednesday for example. Some people may join.. sometimes it is 3 or 4, sometimes its 30.. the benefits of working for a large enterprise. You can never run out of drinking pals.

And what is drinking if not socializing? People spill their guts, you spill yours, the drinks get spilled. Suddenly you become much better at your work because you know more than others. :) That is the beauty, the killer of boredom. INFORMATION.

But if only it would stop there. The night continues, the memory fades. Only a few people remain and then you blow your lights out. This is where it becomes fuzzy. Where each person is his/her own animal.

(all images are royalty free and are used for illustration purposes only)


Greetings, cryptodegenerate! Wish you a very rewarding expereince here in this loving and caring community :) Have Fun

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

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Hello i love your POST, so you read you are a NATURAL person, dreamer and at the same time very firm in what you propose.
Welcome to STEEMIT Exitos.

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