Hi, @cwow2
We're new to Steem.
We noticed the potential in this blockchain and decided to create this project right here. We have a lot of ideas and plans to develop the Tavern.
We hope that you will like our efforts :)

So the dev behind this game doesn't have a steem account therefore no trust with the blockchain?

Developers have accounts on the steem but I don't know if it can tell you anything.
We have been monitoring steem since April 2019, we want to be known as TavernGames and make it a brand.
As the best form of trust is that we do not store user keys anywhere by using SteemConnect, and we do not have a deposit. We send prize payments directly to your account.
Additionally, you can check us out for free by finishing onboarding and receiving a beginner's chest.

Is @roelandp the dev then? :)
or even related to the product?

No, we don't know who is he 🙂@imperfect-one recommended Steem to the head Tavern developer.

I was just looking at the recovery account for taverngames ^^ Which is an account whos recovery acc is roeland

But that would then said it was created by and the account was not another account which is tied to Roe :)

I am just wondering who is behind this.
Like they other dapps, we know who they are and therefore we trust them :)

Not wanting to tell who is behind this, seems very shady to me :)