Hi, I'm Daniela and this is my introduction for you steemit people. I hope you like it.

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Hello Steemit people.

I want to tell you how I came in here, I'm a cryptocurrency fan, a miner of several altcoins and doing exchange in Poloniex met Steem, and when I read about her I discovered Steemit I ran to open an account.


I am Venezuelan, specifically from Caracas, I have 25 years old, I am a lawyer, Rastafarian and I have been in this mining world for a year. Always look for people to understand that this is the future. So, if with this page and other social networks I can make that more people join, then I will. Also love taking pictures, telling stories and making friends. Hope I can meet many people here with the same interests, who support me and support them. I promise that if you like what I offer to you I will do it daily.

What I like?
Give hugs, meet people, write, talk about conspiracy theories, dance (I want to upload videos dancing but I don´t know if it's alright), draw, drive aimlessly, ice cream with cake, I love rainy days, take sun, walk whit my tortoise that I take her everywhere (it's called Luna), I believe in the good energies and that there is life in other planets.

What I don´t like?
People with bad intentions, animal abuse, people who do not respect the rights of others and who complains about everything. I do not like fighting, nor lies.

steemit 1.jpg

Let's be friends! Xoxo 💕


Welcome to the blockchain! You're a crypto miner in Venezuela, ehh? How's crypto doing in Venezuela? Is it catching on at all? Do you see it helping people there?

Hi mate ✌ , the crypto is a powerful tool in Venezuela, the energy costs are very very low. As you know there is a currency control that does not allow Venezuelans to do what they want with their money , so basically here in Venezuela is completely fulfilled that the cryptomonedas are financial FREEDOM 👍 . That said, few people know about this, around a few thousand.

What is the political attitude towards crypto in Venezuela? Is it safe to talk about in public? Or is crypto-knowledge something that people are afraid to tell others about? Welcome to steemit, im new here myself but i love it so far. Praise Jah, mi amiga!

I've always thought that if there was a place in the world where cyptos would be most welcome, would be Venezuela.

Estás haciendo un excelente aporte :). Un gran saludo desde Chile.

Welcome to steemit. I know you will like it here :D

this social media is great 😃

Welcome to SteemIt!

welcome, and good luck

Welcome to steemit @danieladosp :)

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Hii @danieladosp #introduce my name @adeeba,
I come from #aceh Sumatra.
Welcome to #steemit for those of you who want to succeed here, I also want the same thing.
I am also new here #eSteem Still Many Learn from The seniors.

Nice to meet you all !!
Please follow and Upvote My account @adeba
Thank you very much everything 😉

Daniela - a warm welcome to Steemit for you !

First Tip from me to you for the start
I would just start following and talk to the people here first, with the time
you will learn more and more and things are getting better !

Steemit is very complex !

I am @digital-gypsy - nice to meet you :) I organized and support @FairVote with some friends, we pick manually quality content with small earnings and help that this content posts get spotted ! FairVote was build to help new users to get attention and rewards to their quality content !

If you plan to contribute quality content to steemit please have an eye on us. May we can help you at one point.

Good Luck & take care

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Hey pretty! Welcome :)

(Picture taken at 4:20) ;) Welcome to Steemit!

@danieladosp your welcome to steemit. Just try and be active in the platform, make friends and excel. Have fun.

Welcome to steemit, I am sure that you will be a big success here. Steemit reward people for ther hardwork and good contents, so keep it up.

Feel free to check out my latest post on : Why Steemit will disrupt social media and gain market share..am bullish on steemit

The Next Great Trader @danieladosp. Welcome To Steemit. I read your introduction and i like it. The platinum site for everyone who love sharing everythings useful. Let's take a part blogging on this platform. I hope you can be the next great Steemian. Im feeling happy to be your friend. It is time for sharing. Wish you luck and I will wait for your latest post. Let's have a look on Blog's wall. I have interesting photos posted. I hope you like it and Upvote If you like it. Thank you. Nice to meet you.

Looking forward to your steemit blogs 🙌🏼💪🏼💯

Nice I too am a miner and cryto fan. I join steem to blog about mining mostly because my friends kept asking me stupid questions so I wrote them some beginner and now advanced guides. Check them out please. Following.

Welcome to steemit, @danieladosp!

You have quite a diverse range of interests and skills! Its awesome that you have joined steemit and are willing to share everything you know and love.

Best of luck to you on your steemit journey!

Oh thank you, your comment is encouraging. <3

Are you still in Caracas , is everyone there using bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a means for survival ??

Can't wait to see what you have to share with the community!

Welcome dear follow me and let us be friends. You look so cute!

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already earning $226.95 as potential payout !!!!


You gonna rock here @danieladosp .......

Welcome to steemit land, i wish you all the best♥

Welcome to Steem @danieladosp I have upvoted and sent you a tip

hola! Bienvenido en steemit!!
Me gusta tu energia positiva!!!!
sigue asi

@danieladosp welcome to steemit dear :) yes i also love to hug and i wish could hug you too ;) but anyway yes i agree with you that everyone should respect each other and we shouldn't be complaining all the time, believe we should just enjoy the short life.

Hi, your comment is very nice, thank you! <3 🌷

You are welcome dear

Hello, it is a pleasure to have you in this community that grows more every day, post as these are the ones that should have a daily welcome and that you have a great time do not forget to follow me and support me;) a big hug greetings from Colombia

Hello welcome to steemit and i wish you good luck.

@danieladosp Welcome to Steemit community, hopefully fun

Thats exactly how I discovered Steem...through my readings on the current altcoin space. I have also been messing around with Poloniex, which has been fun!

@danieladosp welcome to steemit)
I wish you a lot of likes!

How many of you upvoted due to her being attractive? haha I know I did!

awww! You flatter me!... 😊

If a guy wore jean shorts and held a steemit sign, no one would send him 600 dollars on the first post. Sexist.

Quite good, sure follow me @melgarcia we have a bussiness here in Mexico where we do mining, Forex and investing on Criptocurrencies, take a look on fb Cryptoinvesting , Envianos un mensaje, tal vez podamos colaborar contigo ;)

Hi Daniela,

Im happy following you here at steemit. Keep it up and welcome at steemword @bobiecayao

wellcome Daniela , hope you'll find usefull things in steemit community .


Welcome to Steemit! You are very pretty.

Nice to meet you @danieladosp , welcome to steemit, hope you are comfortable here, here is a new home for lovers of bloggers and the best platform today, very good intro, I like that, do not forget to visit my profile for info tips and tricks about steemit @wahyusaputra

Welcome to the community.
( Steemit )
we have the same taste and I hope you will follow me back.

Thank you

Welcome to Steemit! You nailed your introductory post!

Bienvenido a Steemit. Vivo en Cancun, Mexico y tambien estoy tratando a ayudar a los latinos ingresar a este sitio. Espero leer tu adventuras muy pronto.


Here's some links that may help... https://www.steemithelp.net/



Upvoted and Following you

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Welcome! You are the prettiest lawyer that I ever saw. Your male clients must be distracted when listening to you say "I am herewith returning the stipulation to dismiss in the above entitled matter"

Welcome! I just joined the community too!

Love your story. I live on a beautiful island archopelico called Haida Gwaii off the North Coast of BCCanada. I have just recently joined the Steemit community. Eould love to try my hand at coin mining someday. Am gng to follow you for sure.

Welcome to the steemit. You are first girl miner I saw in the space! Thumbs up from me. I'm sure you will fit in to this community just fine. Enjoy!

Wow! Looking forward to more posts from you. Check out my blog and follow if you're interested.

Welcome, you have joined at the right time.

Welcome to steemit im glad to meet someone with the same interests cryptocurrencies & music

Welcome to the community this place is great!!

Nice Introductory Page...

Welcome to the community, @Danieladosp!! Wish you much luck! Cheers! Follow me at @mekong

Hello Daniela, and welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy your time with us here-- it is a really friendly and unique community, and quite different from other kinds of social media. Welcome!

Welcome! You are going to make so much money on here. You have no idea.

Hey @danieladosp, welcome here!

As someone already familiar with crypto, you are ahead of the curve!

I think if you uploaded dancing videos people would LOVE them! Original content is highly valued around here, as you'll soon find out.

Anyway, cool introduction post, I gave you a follow and am looking forward to seeing more from you!

Cheers @tylersr

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waawo good introduction u also like me

Welcome to Steemit! Followed ya!!

Welcome to Steemit, Daniela :)
I'm Paul from Singapore :)
Uploaded & Followed :)
Have A Great Day :)

Welcome and good luck ! :)

Welcome ! Hope you'll have fun here !

Hi danieladosp. Welcome to steem community! Great post, I will follow you. Please follow me too at @gaman

Welcome, let us all steem !

Welcome to SteemIt @danieladosp :)

Hello there! We share our name :) (I am Daniel)
I will look forward for your posts.

Welcome upvoted!!

Welcome here daniela...you just introduced yourself and you already got 115 votes that includes me. I followed you please do the same to me.Thanks...

up up up :)
p.s Im Danijel :)

Bienvenida! Hay muchas personas de Venezuela on Steemit! Yo soy de Brasil :-) Yo escribo de fotografia, viajes y contos. Mira my profile y se te gustas sigue me. Gracias y buena suerte on Steemit!

Nice post.... check me out at @empres-m for entertainment,gossip and inspiration😘.

Looking forward to the conspiracy theory posts!

of course! ✌

welcome to steem Daniela!

Welcome to Steemit !!

welcome.. great intro.. keep it up

hey you discovered steemit the same way I did :-D so you are a crypto fan? did you ever hear about xaurum? I just followed you, please do the same so we can be crypto buddies :-)

I hope we are friends! 🌼

Today I posted something about crypto if u wanna see.... here is the link of my post.

Kisses Nena!

Welcome to Steemit
follow me @nawir
Datang Gendong Pulang Bopong

Welcome @danieladsosp ! HOpe you have as good a time here as I do ! Keep posting good stuff... Following


hi Daniela! I am here only for a week too. Steemit is so far totally awesome.
Best of luck! ;)

Heyy, welcome to steemit! i followed you :)

hiii...welcom dear

Welcome to steemit and Will have fun :)

Hallo @danieladosp welcome to steemit community, i will follow you, please follow and Upvote me @sanu thank you

$238? Omg. I wish I'm a girl. By the way, welcome and have fun. :D

Welcome to Steemit Daniela. Upvoted and follwing - looking forward to reading your posts. Intense days in Venezuela from what we hear on the news.

You are beautiful, lovely, nice, generally there are no words. The girl without shortcomings.....

Welcome to Steemit Daniela. I'm sure you're going to do fine. I have to say I like the fact that you're a lawyer and a crypto enthusiast, worthy of an up-vote from me and you easy on the eyes. Many here share similar interest, such as myself and I'm sure will be willing support your efforts as well. Up-voted and following. Thanks for sharing $PEACE:!

Hey Daniela, welcome aboard. That's interesting your a rastafarian, I've spent a lot of time down in Jamaica, I'd love to see some Ital recipes from you. Look forward to seeing some of your posts.

Selamat datang di steemit teman,
Saya seorang barista, kalau kamu suka kopi vote dan ikuti saya @baristakhlis
Salam steemit ...

Welcome Daniela and Good luck @tanheng