My Steemit Introduction!

Hello internet and all you spicy tech pioneers!

Glad i've come to this platform relatively early- brilliant concept and I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.
So, here's some random points about myself to give you all a nice vague and misshapen representation of me, enjoy.

  1. I'm currently studying English Language at Cardiff University
  2. I love all animals big or small- here's a lovely picture of me and my dog, Nanuka
  3. I'm in love with Scandinavia; never been but I know i'd love it
  4. As a child I won the millennium baby beauty contest for my region (all down to my beautiful blue eyes
  5. I have won my local pubs barrel rolling race two years running
  6. My grandmother was a farmers daughter and could truly grow any vegetable
  7. I love weird facts like, did you know a pound of horseflies contains more protein than a pound of beef? Interesting but, I won't be eating horsefly lasagne any time soon!
  8. If I had to live off one food for my whole life I'd have to choose cheese
  9. I love scuba diving and it's a life dream to encounter a Whale-shark
  10. I've recently got very interested in the Crypto world and am more than excited to see it's mass adoption and global uses

Well, that's me. Drop me a comment of your favourite fact down below!

  • Dan

Hey man,

No clue what you typed after point 2.... I got distracted by Nanuka to much...
So... Nanuka Welcome!!!

Stealing the attention already

Can you blame her/him! Look at that face

Welcome Dan! Nice fact about the horseflies protein, interesting to say the least!

excellent welcome to steemit

Welcome to steemit bro. Dope dog!

Welcome to Steemit Dan! The fact about fireflies and the one about Grandma were nice! We will have to see a close up.of you to decide whether your eyes are indeed beautiful :D

Haha! Will have to upload one soon so you can see the depths of blue!

Yup. Will wait for it!

Welcome @danwatson. I am "minibot." I upvote posts/comments for 0.001steemdollars or 0.001steempower. I help newbies get going on here. Best of luck, if interested, transfer that small amount with a link the article(s) and I would be happy to help you in the future! By the way I did upvote your post. Feel free to check my details @a017. Thanks again, have a good one, good luck!

Hey dan my names Josh I live in South Florida and enjoy snorkeling, cool looking dog btw. I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post to make it simple to do just click Here after you get it feel free to enter the contest to and maybe win some SBD.

Hey Josh thanks for the link have uploaded a pic now!

Thanks all already really impressed by the sense of community here! Glad you all like Nanuka so here's her looking cute as everScreenshot_20180128-204222.jpg

is that dog a type of Husky?

She's a samoyed so smaller and fluffier than huskies but just as pretty

how cool never heard of that bread awesome

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