Hello Steemit, I have returned, this is my introduction

Greetings friends of Steemit, after 3 years I have returned. It has been a long time since my last post. The truth is that I missed being here a bit and I am eager to share with you the experiences lived in recent times and those that I will have from now on. The reason for my absence is because I was not having a good time in my life, I was unmotivated. Thank God at that time I got a job in my field of study and I focused on that and so far it has been going very well for me. Not long ago my best friend reminded me of this beautiful platform that is steemit and now with a little more time due to the pandemic I am ready to return and contribute to the community. Without more to say, I will tell you a little about myself.

This is me on a normal day, always smiling

For those who do not know me, my name is Abel David Maldonado Algueira, I am 25 years old and I currently live in Venezuela specifically in the city of Anaco. I have a sister and a brother. I have a degree in Maintenance Engineering, I currently work in a company dedicated to the production of hydrocarbons such as Oil and Natural Gas, I belong to the Maintenance Engineering department, we are dedicated to the inspection and analysis of failures in industrial engines and turbines by measuring of vibration, which is a very interesting world and if you are interested I could tell you later about vibration measurement.

The last three (3) years left me many learnings, I had the opportunity to teach mathematics classes in an institution, which at first was a real challenge but I gathered the tools to do it in the best way, it was a very rewarding experience, he knew the responsibility he had in front of him. You know you did it in a good way when they are still thanking you for the training.

While I was teaching I was given the opportunity to exercise my career, I went to a job interview where they were only going to select 2 people, at first I was nervous but thanks to the experience I had and the desire to achieve it I got the position and it is where I am currently working. It was a new world for me but something related to what I had studied and that helped me a lot to fulfill the tasks, in the company there were few personnel and that led me to learn as quickly as possible to be of use. There were people with many years of experience and daily I was nourishing myself with knowledge. It is something I am proud of because I reached a point where I had the ability to present in a conference everything related to our work, I got everyone's congratulations because I had done all that in a very short time at the company.

Here while doing the exhibition at the conference

Currently I am still in a beautiful relationship with my girlfriend, I love and appreciate her very much, she has helped me to be a better person every day, she is 25 years old and she is also an engineer and I am convincing her to join steemit hahaha.

My life partner

I will be sharing with the steemit community a bit of everything, I must say that here you will see a post about diversity of topics, both sports, history, writings, since I am very multidisciplinary and I like to know and learn about subjects that I did not know. Without further ado, I thank the steemit community for accepting me once again and I hope I can contribute my bit to help this platform grow.

The best moments are when you share with your loved ones


Bienvenido a Steemit @davidmaldonado..!

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