Interesting post, and very informative and comprehensive in its content.

Welcome to Steemit - hope you - heh - expand your aperture while your here.

I wish find more experiece in steemit

Hey there @digiphotography ! Welcome to Steemit! If you're looking for the latest and greatest news on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrencies, make sure to check us out :) especially if you're an investor. Our team read over 121 articles, whitepapers per day, we do in-depth research on upcoming blockchains and watch over 100 videos and segments and filters them out to give you the very best news and tips on the market. Cheers!

welcome to the platform, i feel like you would like the tag i started a while back - #getpublished ; its mostly writers, although some have been looking for photographers, perhaps you should check it out, i have also been looking to gather a team to help bring more attention to this platform, and advertise to more of the public, if you would like to help, and or collaborate with me, then you should also check out my facebook page which you can find at the top of my blog page .

Happy steeming !

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Welcome to Steemit! I'm glad to see you getting involved here and joining in. I hope your experience here is pleasant!

Hi there...! @digiphotography,, Welcome to Steemit.. Greetings know from us @gustyphoto from aceh..

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