The new service is still free. How's @randowhale?

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Hello everyone!
I developed a free service !WRM! and I liked it.
I have made several attempts to send SBD to @randowhale. And many times I was late, @randowhale was asleep.

I decided to develop an instrument which will notify me of the action @randowhale. I developed telegram bot. I liked how it works. I've decided to share it with you. I opened a chat in telegram. The bot lives in the chat and notifies the action @randowhale.
I called the bot DickBot ha-ha.

If @randowhale wakes up, the bot automatically sends a warning message to the chat room. If it's been 30 minutes and @randowhale don't upvote, then the bot automatically sends a chat post with a warning about sleep. Currently, the bot recognizes one command - How's rando? In response to this command, the bot notifies about the date and time of the last upvote @randowhale and approximate voting power.

Bot works in testing mode, errors are possible.
In chat is prohibited advertisements and links.
All violators will be blocked.

Here is the invitation link to chat

Good luck with the upvotes from @randowhale.


profitbot skipped a vote on me:
If does not show you the content, replace with other blockchain explorers until it will show.
It was a 0.05 SBD send.
In your defense, so did other bots for during one of the hours yesterday, but not all of them.

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I like this new post..i appreciate this blog..

plz vote my video

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Reading this post made me chuckle 😁

What caused your laughter?

I should have explained I laughed at the ingenuity of your style, certainly not at you 😊wishing you a wonderful day

I'm not offended. I don't know English well and use google translator. I thought that the translator has distorted my text and made it funny :))

I like your past
Thank you @dmiton

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Certainly, I did not understand much, but I think there is a lot of creativity in your insightful speech.

It's very simple! You need to try and all will become clear! Thank you @zeleiracordero!:)

WOW !!! how ingenious the idea Thanks for your post. I invite you to see new publication


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use steem bot tracker. All the upvote bots are there for you to select from... they work really well (once you discover the real good ones) and pay really well too (especially the ones with very high steempower).
Its great you have a telegram channel monitoring this upvote bot. I wish he were awake more often though. Thanks for this post

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nice post.


This is amazing.


This post just shows me that I have so much to learn. I feel like I'm learning a new language and I'm not totally sure what the conversation is about. Haha.
Steemit is a wild and wonderful place.

Yes, you are right, this is a wild place, but very cool!:)

I totally agree with this comment, everyday I have to learn something new about this community and I already have been here for 3 months @karaelizabeth.

On the flipside, I feel like I found a wonderful place filled with kindred spirits and shared values and goals for living a life of passion and fun by doing what we love most. Nothing can beat that for sure.

Keep on steeming.

Your posts are very helpful, thank you, I'm waiting for the next post from you !

OK! Thanks!:)

How to get up vote from randowhale?

Open your wallet.


Choose" transfer " SBD.

Fill out the transfer form.
I made an example of filling.
You're doing the same thing.
In the "memo" you put the link to your post.
Press Submit.


Happy end :)) If @randowhale is not sleeping, then after some time @randowhale will make upvout. That would have time to make a transfer at a time when @randowhale is not asleep, I developed this service. Bot reports when awake @randowhale and when asleep.

I didn't have 1 SBD yet, will try the service after I have 1 SBD. Thanks anyway for your reply.

You are welcome!:)

interesting posts, and very helpful, thanks for sharing.

You are welcome!:)

I like your post

looking forward to you bot sir,, its a helpful tool soon as you finished it :)

Now I'm reworking the bot for more accurate notifications.

I havent had any luck WIth @randowhale yet.. Its always asleep. I am using @minnowbooster at the moment and I havent had any problems

I'm using @randowhale and @minnowbooster. It's all good.

Me gusta tu logo de @randowhale. Gracias por el apoyo en mi post. luz fermin.

You are welcome!:)

The new service is still free is very interesting and [email protected]


That is genius, a little help goes a far way. Good one.

thanks informatoin

You are welcome!:)

DickBot... I sure hope @randomwhale has a good sense of humor and some knowledge of the works of Herman Melville :-)

:)))) I, too, on this hope :))))

(((((: I shall be watching the volatility of your #47 reputation score closely @dmiton :))))

New here help me

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waooo this great idea, the power of knowledge, niece work


@dmiton first of all I want to congratulate you for this impressive work and you significant effort. I have installed the app telegram and joined the group how's randowhale.

My respect

Thank you very useful, I got my first upvote from randowhale

There is no doubt a good alternative to follow. Excellent


Thank you for helping.

You are welcome!:)

This is a really cool bot @dmiton. It's very frustrating when the whale-bots are sleeping, even though I hardly call @randowhale specifically. I actually have a lot to learn about bots in general, it's very confusing atm for me.

Thank you for sharing and helping all of us.

thanks for up-voted me...i have also up-vote you and thanks for your appreciation..hope you will promote and resteem my post. on your wall. because i am new on this steem it.

Wow. This is amazing. This will help us to get back the value of sbd we sent to @randowhale. God bless you @dmiton for this ingenuity

Great work! Definitely a lot to learn from your experience! I was looking to develop such tool to help promoting @globalschool, and @creative-commons contributors in general, I'll definitely join soon for a chat! Thank you for the awesome invitation! =)

I see your post every day
Your writing is very close to me
The choice is like.
Sometimes I find something to be the educator
Thanks for the trouble posting.

I see your post every day
Your writing is very close to me
The choice is like.
Sometimes I find something to be the educator
Thanks for the trouble posting.

there is better


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