Hello Steemites! Elite Micropreneur from Taskrabbit, Mental Health Advocate, Prison Reform Advocate, VagaNinjaMystic, Self-Development Junkie!

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Hey everyone!

I'm ECSTATIC to start CONTRIBUTING to this community! As a professional procrastinator (ADHD-Hypomanic tendencies, lol) this may finally be the impetus to launch my TaskRabbit Blog, Personal Development Blog and eventually write my book on the broken prison industrial complex and mental health system in the USA!

I've been living in Bay Area/Silicon Valley for the past 3 years having some extraordinary adventures living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Oakland (on an Urban Farm in fact) through the WWOOF project and then took off on the TaskRabbit platform where I was averaging $64/hr for cleaning, organizing and event staffing! I was formerly an Uber/Lyft driver so it was such a boone to discover TaskRabbit. Now living in the Washington DC area.

I value continual learning/constant improvement(I've drank a lot of kool-aid) example attending 5 Tony Robbins Events LOL and a host of other varying self-development styles/modalities.PromoPicTaskRabbit.jpg

I LOVE travelling to other countries, so basically I've designed a Micropreneur/MinimalistBurningManHQ20170525_152733.jpg lifestyle to work about 10-12 hrs a week save up money and transfer into cryptocurrencies (hopefully not too much lol) and then travel globally!

Connect with me on Instagram! dr_mickey_tomar


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Thank you! Definitely always up for following a Norwegian! I've only made it to Iceland, but definitely got a glimpse of nordic culture and was definitely enamored by it!

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Oh my God you should talk with my bf, @creutzy - I think you're very much alike :D What a great introduction, so fresh and to the point! Well, welcome then, all the best in here and in real life, waiting for your cool posts!!! Followed :D May the Steem be with you!

welcome to this new era of social networking i hope you will enjoy here....:)

Thank you! Ironic that I've joined this network in the midst of another 1 year sabbatical away from Facebook (Digital Detox) Last time was for 3 years! I'm enraptured by the possibilities!

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Welcome to this awesome community! My step-mom in Austin first introduced me to Task Rabbit and it's an awesome idea. I'd love to hear more about your prison reform work. I'm very passionate about growing food and some folks who have helped get gardening into prisons have really inspired me.

May all non-violent prisoners be freed and given a new chance. Onward and upward! Just followed ya.

Hey there! Thanks for the support. I haven't launched an initiative as I'm still fleshing out what it would be on a conceptual level--I'm thinking there must be a way blockchain could assist with this :)

Awesome! Where are you growing food? Food ALWAYS tastes better from a garden. Anyone that has the capability of growing a garden should.

I helped create a partnership with a low-income elementary school with the urban farm I was working at so kids could have an empowering alternative to what they witness normally.

That sounds like an awesome project you were involved in with the school and urban farm. Keep up the awesome work and looking forward to being connected here. Onward!