Well this is slightly easier than awkwardly trying to introduce myself in a room full of strangers...

Well here it goes...

Hello fellow Steemers! (not the most flattering name but oh well, let's roll with it)...

My name is Eden, and I'm an Australian born and bred wanderer...or wonderer?... I'm not entirely sure, but that's what I'm hoping Steemit will help me figure out. I’ve been on the side-lines of Steemit for awhile now, too timid to take the plunge and share my thoughts and stories. But you know what? Life’s short. So here I am. Dragging my damn insecurities by the scruff to the guillotine and whispering intensely “You have lost the Game of Thrones”. So here it goes!

I am the only child of a strong single mother in the Army, because of which I grew up in 5 different states across Australia. I'm a singer and songwriter, an aspiring graphic designer, a Wing Chun Kung Fu enthusiast, avid wine and/or Whisky drinker (ok...let's be honest, any drink will do), a ravenous traveller and I just so happen to communicate best through the use of GIF’s (if you say GIF like a New Zealander saying Jeff - stop reading now, you need to reconsider your life choices). You have been warned.

I've recently just come back to reality ("oh, there goes gravity") from my first solo 4 month trip to China (2.5 months) and South East Asia (1 month). Now as I'm sure most folk on here would understand and agree, it is excruciatingly painful having to come home from an adventure. They say "Home is where the Heart is" but for someone who is in love with the world and with no real roots anywhere, I'd say there's nothing further from the truth. I love Australia, I love my family and I love my friends, but I’ve finally come to realise that I have no desire to stay put in one place. There are so many other people, cultures, traditions and places to see, to do, and to learn - I can’t even comprehend the notion of living in just one place for the rest of my life.

The difficulty that I have been struggling with for awhile, however, is trying to find how to build a career or personal business that gives me the lifestyle and financial freedom to be able to travel…

So here I am, just a girl, talking to everyone on Steemit, and asking them to love her.

Because when you’re broke and bear the weight of mighty and adventurous dreams, you have to sometimes take the road less travelled - which thankfully has brought me to Steemit! I’m hoping through this incredible community I will not only be able to explore and share my passions, but also maybe build my online presence enough to HOPEFULLY book my next one way ticket to anywhere.

SO, I plan on writing and sharing anything and everything that I can conceivably concoct in my chaotic and clumsy mind (…see what I did there? You’re very welcome, you alliteration nerd you ;), and together I believe that we will achieve incredible things and embark on extraordinary adventures!

It all starts now - BOOM.

Eden out.

(favourite gif of all time ^)


Welcome to Steemit @earthtoeden!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Welcome to Steemit

Thank you so much!

Hey girl! Welcome to Steemit it :D

I absolutely loved your introduction and all your GIFs. You are the GIF queen and I hope you'll find the strength to forgive me for I say "Jeff" hahahaha

I think you'll achieve great things on this platform that's full of modest, creative and adventurous people like yourself -- and a few interesting characters here and there, but you get that everywhere.

I can't wait to see what you've got to share with all of us and I look forward to resteeming everything hehe

Good luck and have fun, girl! :)


SO much love!! Thank youuuu Xoxox

Great intro post, Earth Toe Den. It sounds like you have a lot to bring to the community. I would love to hear a lot more about your training in Wing Chun.

Going back to that place you once called home after an extended vacation is difficult, I tried it and only lasted 2 months until I had to return to SE Asia. Good luck!

I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you and welcome to Steemit!


Thanks Id On Tgnu, that really means a lot to me!

You are welcome to this great community of intellectuals. You would have heard about the great benefits you may get from this community, most especially the financial aspect.

I will like to implore you not focus only on that, but also the benefits of connecting and communicating with great minds.

You may get less audience and upvoters at an earlier stage, but with commitment and dedication from you, you will certainly excel here.

You are welcome once again.

Yes I've been hearing about all it's benefits for ages and it's very exciting! But agreed, the opportunity to connect with other people is even more exciting and I can't wait to see other peoples stories.

Yeah I can see it'll take a long time to get somewhere, but I accept that :) hopefully it'll be worth it in the long run though haha.

Thanks so much :D

Hey there Earth Toe Den, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and you are cool and I love Game Of Thrones and your other photos or GIFs and I love to raw and sing and joke and welcome.

Awww thank you so much haha. It's actually meant to be "Earth to Eden" - but toe is close enough hahaha.

Hells yes GoT!!! :D