Thanks @emrah67. Where are you from? Turkey?

Yes ! Iam from Turkey !

your pictures are so beautiful ! blue sea and blue dress !

Thanks Emre! This is in Scarborough Beach in Western Australia, one of my favourite places in the world!! I used to live in Istanbul... where are you from?

nice to meet you !
You are very nice to come to Istanbul. I am from Turkey ! I am living in Tekirdağ .

is so nice and interesting ! did you like beşiktaş?

Yes I love it! The fish market... the little breakfast street...oh yuuum! I really miss the Turkish food! Really!

that is very kind of you ! It is very nice to hear good words about you from Beşiktaş!

Yes, agreed, Barbie Tina looks great in that blue dress. Amazing.

LOL I wonder where this Barbie thing comes from... :-p

Barbie is the gold standard. You might have the same eye twinkle as Barbie.

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