Hi, Steemit! I am Kate and I am from Russia:)

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Hi, Steemit! I am Kate and I am from Russia:)

I love to discover something new and now I'm opened new world of steemit and cryptocurrencies!) Thats my first experience blogging in English.

I'm professional make-up artist and hairstylist.
I love my job, because I have opportunity to make women happier:)

My favorite hobby is traveling. Also I am interested in photography and spend a lot of time retouching photos. I like watching NBA and NHL games. In free time I try to have a lot of sport activity, like gym, bike and my favorite is acrobatics)

In this blog I will share with you moments from my life. I will show a notes and photos from my travels, video with make-up/hairstyle tutorials and something else. I'm want to find new friends and improve my English skills here:)
Follow, leave comments, I'm glad to communicate with anyone!

You can find more about me in my instagram @katez_muah

P.S. I'm a real person)


Welcome Kate.

welcome to steemit comunity i hope you enjoy it :-)

Hello Kate. Have a good start!

BTW. You are so beautiful ;)

Very True.

Thank you)

Welcome to the community! I hope Steemit can help the world put aside our differences, understand each other, and live in peace and prosperity! Best of luck to you!

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Kate, welcome. Love the NBA, too. Love Russia. From the USA. Love to go there. You look great. Stay young. Have fun. Eat oatmeal.

Thank you! Two years ago I visited New York, it's an amazing city. I really admire! One of my goals is visited Las Vegas and Los Angeles:)

My dad was born in LA. I grew up in Oregon and lived in Hawaii. Life is beautiful. People, more so. New York City is maybe the best city in the world as some do say.

what's special about oatmeal? maybe i can recommend for my girlfriend

Oatmeal is like a blank paper, moldable to your desire.

Welcome to Steemit, Kate! Nice to have you hear.
The picture of the hair and makeup styling is awesome! I just love it <3
I'm excited to see more of your stylings and your trips

Thank you very much)

Welcome to Steemit! You will like it here! ;)

Welcome to steemit. Now following, eager to see your future post's. Cheers!

Well, I'll be glad to guide you speak in English if you teach me as well Russian my fair lady. Ты такая обаятельная- Ti takAya obayAtel’naya. Ты такая красивая- Ti takAya krasIvaya

Haha, that funny, at russian it calls "это забавно" or "eto zabavno")

LOL . pardon my attempt to speak and write Russian. maybe you can guide me then and I'll be happy to help you with English then :)

Nice ! Welcome from The Netherlands.
Im also new here love to see more of your experiences

Hello and welcome from Nashville, Tennessee! I look forward to following your travels! ;)

Hi Kate, welcome to Steem , Love Russia. From the Indonesian , looking forward to seeing your great works , you must try the road to the mountain Semeru very beautiful scenery, at the top of the mountain semeru you can see the Ocean above the clouds

Thanks for good advice)

Welcome to the Steem Community Kate, looking forward to seeing your great works. Cheers and keep steeming.

Thank you, I will post something intresting soon)

You're welcome Lady. Looking forward to your next post.

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

Very nice post!

Thank you)

Welcome to Steemit! It's an awesome thing to share your craft to others.

Yes, I love to share with my works and bright moments of my life)

Welcome, you so cute, glad to see you here, up)

Thank you)

Welcome Kate !

Welcome Kate from Russia to Steemit. Great introductory post, keep steem'n along. If you are interested in blockchain technology and involved with any other platforms or aspects of cryptocurrency I would love for you to be a guest on a podcast I am producing for a short segment hearing from users around the world. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks, I will think about this)

Hello and Welcome to the Steemit Community! :)

Welcome to Steemit Kate.
looking forward to see your beautiful works.

Hello Kate! Welcome to steemit. I'm a blogger too, from Nigeria.(tech blogger). You can follow me @infodrifts on Instagram too. Nice to meet you here.

welcome to steemit, Kate, you have got lovely pics. I will be looking forward to more post from you

Thanks, I'm glad to see you in my blog)

Welcome Kate & U r so pretty

Welcome Kate! I'm new to steemit too! Looking forward to your posts! Great post, especially considering it's your first time blogging in English! I'm now following you and hope we can support each other. Best of luck with steemit, lovely lady!

Thanks for supporting. I'm happy to follow you too.

hey pretty @energyblast, very good start and very nice post! wish you good luck here, and looking forward to your tutorials!

Thank you)

Hi this is @sarahandrew, Welcome on steemit, if you need help you can check @steemguide. Wish you all the best for what you are expecting here

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Welcome to Steemit @eneryblast. Very nice your post

Welcome to Steemit! I'm a cryptocurrency trader. I started trading crypto last April 2017. All the best!

Hello! I am Kevin. I'm an online fitness coach :)
Follow me for a follow back and upvote.
Check out my posts and if you need a meal or workout plan, let me know :D

Welcome!!!! I'm also brand-new steemian!! Nice to meet you! I'm happy to see you who has similar hobby with me!! although I'm not interested in make-up, it will be fun for me to wait your next story about travel! I upvote and follow you!

Welcome to steemit kate! Looking forward to hearing more from u :)

Welcome :)
May the force be with you <3
"Live Long and Prosper"- Captain Spock
btw you're cute...

Beautiful photos!

wellcome :)

Катерина привет! Добро пожаловать на Стимит) тут много интересного. Ты как вышла на ботов чтобы они тебе апвот поставили? Какой секрет?)))

Hello and welcome

hello hello beautiful girl is a pleasure to welcome you to the steemit community, it is never too late to start new financial alternatives.
I wish you the best
do not forget to follow
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give me up vote and comment
together we can help each other

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Hey kate welcome to steem :) i upvoted you and followed you

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Welcome to steemit Kate! I'm new as well and I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Btw you look fabulous in those pictures!!

Hello Kate.
I hope that time here will help You improve Your english skills and me too :)

good to see your travelling adventures.. Welcome to steemit my dear hobby mate ;p

Beautiful places, and you are so cute!

Thank you)

welcome to steemit! hope you will like it here!

Welcome to Steem!
Is there any nice landmarks/nature spots you recommend to visit for a tourist? Russia is big !

Great success on your journey with us!

I think Saint-Petersburg is best choice, thats really great city. If you love nature then Russia opens for you great opportunuties)

Looking forward to seeing a bit of Russia, maybe you can also make some videos on d.tube?

I will try to do it)

Privjet and welcome to the steemit community :D

Hi Kate, and welcome to steemit! :)

Welcome aboard and hello from the United States.

Greetings Friend ! Welcome to Steemit, always happy to help each other! thanks for reaching out, just followed you to connect more in future......!!! Together we can do it, succes for all of you, Good luck.

I look forward to following your journey Kate.

I'm super excited to see your content!

Thank you)

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Haha! Nice touch at the end there with the "I'm a real person." and the Steemit confirmation photo. :)

Welcome to Steemit!

Upvote and resteem, welcome to steemit, you are so beautifull, good luck Kate


Thank you)

Welcome to steemit! Also new here, just want to say you are so gorgeous! ^_^

Welcome to steemit community! Looking forward for your travel blog and experiences in life. Stay pretty. Keep steem!!


Your welcome my dear @energyblast. Keep that energy on!!

Welcome to Steemit! Can't help but leave a response here to tell you that 'you are beautiful'.

Thank you)

I'm very loved Russia... regard from Aceh @energyblast, thank a lot follow me back... I hope one day we can be met :)

Hey welcome to Steemit! Its a great place hope you will enjoy here !! I am too newbie here !!I have followed you on Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me as well.Enjoy Steemit !! Good luck!!Following your post!!

Thank you)

Welcome @kate , simple and straightforward introduceyourself post .your beautiful and ur job too,cant wait to read from you again .all you need is to steemit real hot ......

Thank you)

Oh waoh, welcome to the world of steemit where you get to share your experiences and make new friends, also improving in all areas. You will sure like it here, i look forward to your next post especially the hairstyling because i love it. I'm now following you, feel free to follow back

Hi Kate, I'm Katie! It's so nice to "meet" you. It's exciting to see another creative on Steemit! I'd love to see your photography, that is my passion. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Now I want to visit Los Angeles)

I visited a few times and had fun....a bit too hot for my taste though.

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Welcome to our short but sweet steem community where people help each other grow...... Hope you have a really nice steemit journey @energyblast!!

Welcome. I am From Georgia. Sorry But Russia Is Occupant.

Welcome Kate! I am from Russia too and I'm new to steemit! From what city are you? Let's be friends)

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Wow! Its a nice write up and post u gat in here!
Ur utmost welcome to the family. Also support me to grow and the joy we all will derive is growing together!!!

With so much progress in 2 days, I know you're a star. I'm looking forward to see more styles from you.
Welcome to Steemit

You made a great choice joining this awesome community that will make you forget all other social media

The amount of whiteknights are real.. ;)

Hi.. Nice to know you.

Welcome to steemit...😘

you looks so beautiful....

Thank you)

Welcome to Steemit, Kate! Nice to have you hear
Nice picture i'am waiting for your posts

You are really passionate about makeup and I see that it has made you happier especially seeing others happy. What a great way of living life. I am looking forward to your travel posts as well. I am from the Philippines and I have never gone out of the country. Maybe I can visit some of them places through your blog. And I may I just say that you are really pretty. Best of luck!

Thank you)

Thank you)

You are beautiful! welcome!! i love makeup too

Thank you)

Welcome on steemit :)
Have a lovely time here :)

welcome to #steemit community @energyblast
Looking forward for more posts about your interest.
Bless you!

Hey, welcome here. I am also new :)

Welcome to steemit, Kate! By the way, you look beautiful.

Followed and upvoted you. Hope you do the same. Thanks!

welcome to steemit my dear anyway you are beautiful

Thank you)

Welcome! I upvoted and followed. Looking forward to more posts!

¡Welcome to Steemit!!

Love your post girl.... This is only the beginning for you... With focus and determination you can achieve anything. I pray More Life and More energy to [email protected]

obviously you've got a lively personality and it's written all over your photos... красивая