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RE: Hello! Hola! Hallo!

Welcome pmirasol!
eSteem is the application that improves your experience on Steem. You have full control over your data and content, unlike some apps we don't use our users to promote our application or services.

We have Mobile application for Android and iOS users. We also have developed Surfer Desktop application that helps you to gain new followers and stay connected with your friends, unique features - notifications, bookmarks, favorites, drafts, and more.
We reward our users with encouragement upvotes as well as monthly giveaways rewarding Spotlight top users and active Discord users.
Learn more:
Join our discord:


Thanks for this. I checked out the app but it doesn't seem to have enough ratings yet. I'll wait a bit more until it has more feedback.

Of course, choice is always yours! We have deprecated Legacy version recently and it had more reviews because it was first version, we have been developing app since 2016. Anyway, have fun and welcome once again! 😉