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RE: Well this is slightly easier than awkwardly trying to introduce myself in a room full of strangers...

in #introduceyourself4 years ago

You are welcome to this great community of intellectuals. You would have heard about the great benefits you may get from this community, most especially the financial aspect.

I will like to implore you not focus only on that, but also the benefits of connecting and communicating with great minds.

You may get less audience and upvoters at an earlier stage, but with commitment and dedication from you, you will certainly excel here.

You are welcome once again.


Yes I've been hearing about all it's benefits for ages and it's very exciting! But agreed, the opportunity to connect with other people is even more exciting and I can't wait to see other peoples stories.

Yeah I can see it'll take a long time to get somewhere, but I accept that :) hopefully it'll be worth it in the long run though haha.

Thanks so much :D