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RE: What's up Steemit! - How I found steemit and about me

Welcome onboard, James. Don't worry about it now, cause most of us did not take a chance when there was one. The blockchain is really an amazing technology. You will do fine here. Keep sharing and have fun Steeming.


Hindsight bias really gets me i guess lol thanks though, i want to see this platform blow up as much as anyone. First step for me is spreading the word to friends/family (already have gotten 3 people to join), second is to add value through curating undervalued/quality posts and also contributing the best information I can, and third is to work with others to brainstorm ways to improve the platform/community.

That's a great news that you got your friends too. I like your thinking. I'm really very glad to have you here James. Steem On!