Introducing Fon Irene, a Textile Recycler and Fashion Designer

Introducing Fon Irene (@fonirene), a Textile Recycler and Fashion Designer


My name is Fon Irene Mahtibey and i was born in Nso, a village in the North West Region of Cameroon. I grew up with my mum and grand mum where I attended my primary school in the village. After Primary school, life became more difficult for me and my family as my mum could no longer pay our school fees.
But whatabout my dad? At the time i need my father the most, he abandoned us and told my mum he had no money to further my education. I had to stay home to assist my mum in her small business of cooking and selling food while i watch my friends go to school. Because, I couldn't sit back and watch my friends go to school while i stayed at home, i decided to follow one of my Aunts to the city of Bamenda to serve as a nanny for her six months old son.

For seven years i lived with my aunt until one day she asked me what i will like to become. My first dream was to go to school but unfortunately, it didn't come true. As such i had to pick a trade to learn. Reminiscing my childhood days when i used to make dresses out of pieces of papers, i decided to choose tailoring.

For 3 years i learned tailoring/fashion designing and upon gradution my aunt and her husband sent me back to the village. Life in the village for was a major challenge but fortunately for me, my mum had left the village to Bamenda town and so i decided to pack my bags from the village to Bamenda.
In town, i lived with my mum until i could open my own tailoring workshop. I worked for almost 2 years and then i got pregnant. Being pregnant and working was a challenge but the bigger challenge was when my baby's father abandoned us.
Luckily for me, i had my mum and sisters who stood by my side during the challenging moments grow up my bouncing baby boy. My son is almost getting to 3 years and i feel so proud being a mother.

While i hustled, i met @mr-greens of the @thegreens in 2015 who asked me to work with him in a textile recycling and fashion designing project that strives to educate and empower women and girls.
Since i had a lot of dreams and passion for my work and a strong desire to empower women and girls, i couldn't resist working with @mr-greens. In 2015, i joined forces with him to start building up what is today known as @ecodesigns.
2018-05-28 15.12.51.jpg

Together, we shared ideas and brainstormed on how we can fight youth unemployment and poverty, reduce inequalities, improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls and clean-up the environment. This is how i became a volunteer of @thegreens and what inspired us to start @ecodesings, an environmentally conscious fashion designing centre that will train women and girls in textile recycling and fashion designing.

I may not have had the chance to go to school but i got a chance to fully live my dreams of becoming a top class fashion designer who is helping people and the planet.


I feel proud that I am giving hope to 11 young girls by training them in textile recycling and fashion designing.

I feel proud that i am capable of taking care of myself, my family and other people in my community.

Thanks for reading my story and be sure to always get updates from me.


I love your project
I am a faithful lover of fashion design and I love recycling fabrics or clothes !!! Many of the pieces in my closet are pieces with recycled fabrics or old clothes that redesign.
I had the fortune to study and obtain a university degree, although it has nothing to do with the world of fashion, my parents did not see well that I dedicated myself to the world of textile design, they told me that it would not give stability to my life, but you can not go against the grain, although I graduated in an engineering career today, my biggest source of income comes from the world of fashion.
I work as a model and fashion designer, in the area of ​​design what I like the most is to bring back the pieces of clothing that are believed to have lost their tendency.
I have an aunt who works as a seamstress for a dance and acting academy, she usually gives me the fabrics that are left over, those bags of fabrics inspire me, I make clothes for myself, for my nieces and for my shop with those fabrics, sometimes I touch buy some things to complete the design, but I rarely do it !!! I believe a lot in the power of recycling
If you see my last publication you can see the redesign I made to a piece that is very precious to me
If you think that one day I can help you with something just write to me
I live in Venezuela, it is in South America, a Spanish-speaking Latin country !!! I will be following you from now on, I find your project interesting! thousand kisses and infinite blessings for you !!!!
Mirsha Model

My dear not just my story in interesting but your's is so amazing trying to do what you love so much it just keep you going and going I really want to work with you and thanks so much for seeing my efforts we just need to get in touch

Welcome in steemit.enjoy this

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welcome to steem @fonirene

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Thank you so much for a warm welcome

What a great intro post and way to explain your way into this amazing project. You are doing a great job in the designs and creation of amazing clothes. Keep it up and welcome to the family.

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Thank you so much hope u will enjoy more of my designs

Welcome i wish you the best on steemit and your careerer

Thank you my dear

@fonirene, we are so pleased to have you on the Steem platform and we look forward to your updates. Lots of Love from @thegreens

Indeed the greens and am so great full with the love everyone has shown to me thank you so much

Welcome to steemit @fonirene.

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Thanks very much I will do just that

Hello you are welcome to steem

My pleasure dear and am happy to be here

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Thank you so much

Welcome fon Irene to Steemit! You are a new Steemian now! I saw your introduction just now and its nice to meet you. I love your blogs. You should cheque out @needleworkmonday and # needleworkmonday to!
Blogging, building and uplifting eachother thats what its all about on this steemit blockchain. And you could earn money too. When money is involved There are also possibilities of being hacked so always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !!
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Good luck with your journey and may you find what you are looking for.
Just remember that all good things come in good time and never giving up is the key to big succes on Steemit.
Let me know if this was helpfull or you need more help. I am here everyday !
Greetings from Brittandjosie from the Netherlands

Thank you and hope you will love my updates

Did you See the needleworkmonday ?

Thank you so much and I will

hi fon Irene. welcome to steemit !! I really liked your story. The way you have overcome all the hardships in your life is truly inspirational !! My upvote to you and I wish you all the success at steemit !! I have written and article for new comers like you to be successful in steemit. I hope it will help you. Please follow me if you can 😃
link :

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Thank you so much my welcome here makes me so happy and I know you will enjoy more of my updats

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Hello Irene, I am so happy to see you here to tell us about your strong life experience. I believe you have chosen the best way for you to fulfill your life. I want to appreciate @mr-greens for his great effort in giving young girls and single mothers this wonderful opportunity. I wish, you learn how to make shirts as well because I really need one.
See you soon in Bamenda.

welcome on board my dear @fonirene and you are a great source of inspiration to me and the lots of women and girls. Glad to have you onboard the steem train

Eco-greetings and a big welcome to the steem blockchain. We are soo happy right now!

Welcome to steemit!
Wish u best of luck!
Think wisely,before u post!
Thats the best advice!

Sunnysmile thank you so much I will always be my self and wish we have best of stay here

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Well done for finding a passion, pursuing it and helping women and the planet along the way.

Such an inspirational story...
It's good to know you came out a better person and willing to help lives...
Welcome to steemit dear...

Welcome on board, I love your passion.

Keep at it, thank you for sharing your story!

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