I would like being a moderator of utopian-io

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Hello, I wish all friend’s to be good.

Here, I am going to give you an explanation about my job and me. Because I suggest starting my cooperation as a moderator of utopian-io. Since I've cooperated in translation category more, I'm trying to use this special opportunity in this part.


My precedent

I am Ahmad Niroomand and my user name in utopian-io is @gn-ahmad.
I have M.A on computer field and after being graduated, I've begun my work since 12 years ago just as I got acquainted with this field. After 4 years, I established a firm with the help of my brother. It's almost 8 years I'm doing this work seriously. I've begun to learn English since my childhood and at the age of 18, I started to translate Persian texts to English professionally. It's about 10 years that I do translating beside working in my firm. I do things like: translating articles, books, thesis, and texts in the field of computer. Since I am always eager to learn and I'm in favor of these debates, I carry on participating in them untill I became familiar with utopian-io platform.

My abilities in the field of computer and translating for working in utopian-io

  • Translating articles, books, and texts in the field of computer
  • Computer designer and graphic designer (Photoshop)
  • Windows server
  • Network +
  • Visual basic
  • C#
  • Mysql
  • Php
  • phpBB
  • Joomla CMS
  • Wordpress
  • Web hosting
  • Cpanel

Why do I propose myself as a moderator?

It's near more than 2 month that I become familiar with utopian-io and start my working in translation category, after sometime, I care about utopian-io more and I try to learn its rules and orders until I learned all of them and keep my working solicitously. I always like to work as a moderator in translation category of utopian-io and prove my abilities.
I hope to be able to work with this passel and I announce my preparation for my companion.

Which one of the moderators do you like to cooperate the most?

Since I graduated in the field of computer and it's about 10 years that I do Persian translating, I'd like to start my cooperation in translation category as a member of @ruah team.
I thank all friends and colleagues who read my suggested post and I hope to be accepted in utopian-io as a moderator.

With all respect, @gn-ahmad


Welcome to join Enjoy Steemit

great introducing bro! wish you luck! :)

Thankfull bro, it's really your kindness
peace! :D

Welcome to Steemit. Thanks for sharing.

thank you lopezdacruz