Newbie saying "Hello" from Oregon - it's got to be 4:20 somewhere

My 80-year old step-dad introduced me to Steemit. He wanted to use it so I jumped on having no clue as to what I was embarking on. However, once I'm done making this post. I will go teach him how to make his first post. I am excited to be a part of this platform.

I'm 43yo. and Bay Area born in California. I was raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains. My mom was the executive accountant for Apple when I was a child so I spent many nights sleeping on the couches in Cupertino, CA.

I have an amazing 23-year old son who works for Oculus. If you have not tried VR gaming I truly suggest it. As an aging lady, I'm so excited about 20 years from now sitting in my lazy boy recliner taking a trip to India or Egypt without the cost of hotels and airfare. Of course, I'd rather visit in person but you get the point. You can go underwater or into space. It's incredible.

Regarding myself...I've had a long 15-year career in medical and recreational cannabis. I had multiple successful medical edible companies in California and Oregon. With all the laws changing I didn't make it over the hump some years back. So I went on to build others dreams. I have built farms with greenhouses full of cannabis, opened many medical and recreational retail cannabis stores in Oregon.

Currently, I'm floating in the universe. I have been working on a faction novel somewhat biographical of my life with some flair of course. In addition, I have been either deciding to get a job. Who wants to do that? So I set out to raise capital to create my own extraction lab or vertically integrated cannabis company in California. I have met many investors and wrote all my business plans and created the pitch decks to match. However, every VC or wannabe investor has been a weirdo. So with that being said, I may get a job. lol. Or stick to my entrepreneur blood type and create something else. We shall see!

I love to stay healthy as that is what led me down the path to cannabis was my health failing while I was in Nursing school. Oh totally forgot. I'm in school finishing my BS in Business Management. I enrolled in a python certificate course as well.

I'm capable of anything. So are you!



Thank you for your cannabis service and welcome to steem!

And vice versa. Nice to meet a fellow industry member.

Oh btw I am from Salinas!

I'm originally from Santa Cruz so I know the area well. I may make my way back that way. I have probably seen most of what Oregon has to offer.

Oregon is nice, but the central coast of California is almost the same, but with better weather, hahaha! But yeah so cool to meet you. You should join our Discord. It is basically the whole cannabis community on the block chain.


I totally will. I love the Santa Cruz Mountains and nearby coastline. It's my favorite. West Cliffs to be exact.

Hey~ I'm from Oregon! Even though I live outside the United States right now, still. When I hear about Oregon, I'm like, hey! Welcome to Steemit. It's a great platform.

Thank you. I've enjoyed Oregon. Or parts thereof. I'm a Santa Cruz Mountain girl for life. The beach and trees and windy roads and permanent sunshine at 70°F. Oregon or the parts of Oregon I have lived in have been sunny about 50 days a year max. I

Awesome. Welcome to Can’t wait to read all your interesting stories. Upvoted and Followed. You should also check out

Thank you. I'm checking out the website now. I followed you back. I'm loving the Kayak pics.

Thanks. My favourite thing to do. I own 4 kayaks now .... I collect kayaks like I collect acoustic guitars.

I've got an acoustic guitar in the corner i'm needing to restring and retrain my fingers on. I've got some songs to sing.

Awesome.... share them here on Steemit and ... do you have a Youtube Channel where you can post ? This one is mine.... OffgridTV:

Awesome . Subscribed to your YouTube Channel.

A warm welcome to you @greendiamonds

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Thank you. I'm working to get set-up on all your different platforms.

Thank you. I'm working
To get set-up on all your
Different platforms.

                 - greendiamonds

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Welcome to steem, Hope to see many great cannabis content post. If your a grower still maybe you would love to join the #tetrapakchallenge that @canna-curate and Myself have going down.

I will go check it out. Thank you for responding to my post. I will be posting plenty of cannabis related articles.

Check out CANNA CURATE discord and community.
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Thank you for your respect. I will come check you out on discord. I'm excited to contribute.