Hello my name is Harvin Mendez from Venezuela, I am a merchant, I am 41 years old married and with a beautiful family.


I am interested in this community because I like to interact with people from all over the world. I like sports like football, I'm a fan of Real Madrid. I like everything related to the blockchaine and new technologies. I like to go to the beach and cinema.

I love the nature.

I hope that through this tool you can grow as a person through the experiences of the people of this community.

God bless you and have a good day.


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Welcome to Steemit, Harvin. Good to see another blockchain believer here in this community. Have fun, keep learning, exploring and making friends. Steem On!

thanks for your comment

You are welcome.

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hey man, welcome to Steemit!
If u have any question turn to me.

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Awesome. Welcome to steemit @harvin08 . Am glad you are here on steemit.i sure can't wait to read your posts here. A lovely family you got there.

Am following you now, so I'll be alerted the moment you make any post.

I upvoted you,it might be small probably because my voting power is reduced at this time, but it's just a sign of my good will.

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Hola bienvenido harvin08, me e suscrito a ti, y e mirado tu cuenta es relativamente nueva llevas muy poco tiempo pero tus progresos son mas que enormes, me gustaria que me digas como lo haces yo llevo mas tiempo y no logro buenos resultados aun.

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