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Hello Steemit!

About two days ago my sister @audrybie introduced me about Steemit. She told me when she was going to post about the fish tank we made. Initially I guess she took some photos just to be posted on Facebook or Instagram. Then she said that she would share on Steemit while explaining to me what it's Steemit. And I was very interested to join here,  so here I am right now!

Well, my name is Hatta Teguh. I'm 26 years old and I come from Indonesia. I am huge fan of aquariums. I really like the art and photography. So, perhaps I'll share you my artworks here.

The most important in my first post, I just want to thank you all Steemit Community Family for visit my blog. I hope that will be nice for the future. And I'm so glad to be here.


Hello @hatta,

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The SteemTrail Community looks forward to more great stuff from you. So, please keep up the great work!

Keep on Steemin!

Welcome your going to love this!

thank you!

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bereh.. welcome to steemit @hatta :D

Welcome to Steemit. Stephen

Sounds like you have a good sister, welcome to steemit!

Yeah she is. Thank you so much @dylanhobalart

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Welcome to Steemit buddy....looking forward to reading some good posts from ya...upvoted + following you now!

Thank you @thejohalfiles. done I followed you too :)

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