An autonomous newbie: little about me

Hello fellow steemians… I’m a newbie and it’s a great pleasure to be among this community with high quality contents…


I’m Mustapha Muhammed Idowu by name and High-dee as my alias.. I’m a Nigerian, kwara state to be precise. My home town is Offa, land of sweet potatoes (lols). I am the last born in a family of four children (the June family), a family dominated by males (lols).

Our mum gave birth to four children, all males and we were all born in the month of June (Gemini Boys) which constituted to d name the June family. There is nothing I can say that can expound what great couple, guardians and benefactors my parents are, all I can tell u is that THEY ARE THE BEST.

I have three elder brothers, among them are our twins. I’m always pampered being the last born i.e. baby of the house (lols) and my brothers always get jealous of me. We use to be at loggerheads most times because I don’t like giving in for them, we are all males and our actions must justify that u know (lols) but despite all the fights, they are still the best brothers anybody can think of having in this world..

They are always there for me; they are like my second dad. I use to feel excited for being the last born when I was a kid because of the advantages I derived from it such as always having my way with anything I want, always being the recipient of any gift bought by my parent etcbut not anymore.. I now feel sad about the fact that I don’t have siblings, I feel lonely when my parents and brothers are not at home.

Nobody to talk to, nobody to watch over, nobody to hear complains from, nobody to show my friends and say that’s my brother but what to do, only GOD knows what he has in store for us and what’s good for us, so we have nothing to do rather than to accept our fate and always thank him.


I finished my primary school at Adeola Model School, Offa. My SSCE at Offa Grammar School and I’m currently in 200level studying Accounting as my Bsc. in Kwara State University, Malete and by GOD’s grace chasing my professionalism of becoming a member of a professional Accounting body in Nigeria called Institute of Chartered Accountants in Nigerian(ICAN) after my Bsc. in Kwara State University.

Being a member of this body will legalize me of becoming a Chartered Accountant and in which this can only come to pass after I’m through with their one year program and my prayer to ALMIGHTY ALLAH is not to make my path easy because there is no easy path to success but to grant me a strong heart and will to overcome any obstacles that might come my way.


  • Listening to music
  • Watching movies
  • Playing Basketball
  • Surfing Internet
    Other things you should know about me:-

I don’t have any favorite food; anything that is light and consumable is a go for me, especially junk food (lols). I’m also a basketballer and my favorite sport is basketball.

You know, I always says one statement that there are only two sports on earth, which are Basketball and others (lols, I know most of you won’t agree to this). I think these are the essential and conversant things you know about me steemians and I pray that joining you here will bring great advancement to this community and I promise not to disappoint you all. Thank you (Gracias)

   Steemit was introduced to me by @zoneboy. Thank you so much bro 

The pictures were taken with my Infinix Hot S and have been uploaded to my facebook pofile and Instagram handle.


I agree, basketball and others!!

You have been blessed with a strong family. They have prepared you well, and now is your time to figure out your path in this World. Their strength and knowledge remains with you, no matter how far away they may be.

Thank you

Hello High-dee and welcome to the steemit community.
Great first post mate!!

Welcome @high-dee! From one new Steemiter to another, consistency is key. There is a real community here, you just gotta look for it.
If you ever want to talk, hmu on Discord Treshure#1981

i just follow and upvote to your post ,, so kindly follow me back and upvote at given link ,, then i will upvote to your five more posts

Alright.. Thanks

Well to Steemit @high-dee!! I am sure you will enjoy the community!

Welcome, Mustapha aka Accounter ;)) Let's play some b-ball? Would love to! Best of luck :) Followed

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Of course bro.. Thanks

hello @high-dee and welcome to steemit!

this is a great place with a great community .. glad to have you.

@Mountainwashere's Guide for New Users:

Welcome to Steemit! It's got a steep learning curve, but it's worth it in the long run if you keep putting in the time! Just know that it will take quite a while before you start getting attention and followers. The biggest secret to success? Keep posting high quality content regularly, and make sure to search out other people's posts, read them, and give relevant comments.

Tagging is extremely important. Always make sure to use all five possible tags, and to keep them relevant. You can always just tag something "blog" or "photography" or something else really general (so long as it's still relevant) to fill the quota if you need to- most of your tags should be established ones, though one or two less used ones are fine.

Posting more than four times a day can reduce your potential rewards, as well as turning off potential users. (I aim for one post per day most of the time.) Consistency is important, though, so you should try to post often.

Always make sure to attach a photo to your posts! You should also have a finished profile: Write a description, add a profile picture and a banner- neither needs to be a photo of you, necessarily, but you should have something- and set a website.

There are a lot of really good resources out there for plankton and minnows (new users). You should check out the following groups and services, they offer a lot of valuable resources:

@thesteemengine (Check this one out first- they're an extremely supportive group that can help out in a lot of ways.)
@qurator (These guys offer an excellent liftime upvote to accounts that post consistent quality content.)
@steembasicincome (Another lifetime upvote option.)
@steemstem (The biggest and best STEM curation group in the game. If you're interested in writing or reading about science, check these guys out!)
@geopolis (A fairly new science curation group, this one's dedicated to the study of the Earth.)
@ocd (A curation group that seeks out undervalued new writers.)

And, again, the biggest thing is just patience. Breakout successes are incredibly rare on Steemit- you've got to find your way to success through perseverance and hard work. It takes time, but you'll eventually succeed if you put in the work.

Please feel free to repost this guide on the posts of other plankton & minnows you run into (though I'd appreciate it if you credit me.) If it was useful to you, feel free to check out my posts and give me a follow!

Thanks so much
Really appreciate

It was great to know few things about you. Nicely explained about your. Hey, Dear! You seem very creative! :) Great to have you here. Looking forward to your adventures!welcome to the steem community where people help each other grow and share ideas and information about what they know!!.. Keep steeming!!Will follow you for more such articles!!

Thanks mate

Welcome to Steemit dude... Keep on exchanging upvotes and follows and lets grow each other mutually... You got an upvote from @jegannath... :)

I welcome you to visit my profile at any time dude... :)

Welcome to Steemit

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