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RE: Welcome to Tina's World - Who's that girl?

@tinadahmen, you have absolutely blown my mind (in a good way). Welcome to Steemit and it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for choosing to join this platform. I can already tell that this will be a great journey for you as you share yourself with us. Your self introduction is a novel in itself and I love it. I truly appreciate your determination and adventurous demeanour. I too hope to travel the world but a bit scared to step out on my own. I currently reside in Japan and hope to start visiting different countries within the region. This includes Bali, so I am definitely looking forward to that guidebook of yours. You are truly an inspiration and an awesome person. It is always a great thing when we are able to acknowledge not only the great things that happen to us in life but also the bad. As it is a blend of all these things that truly contributes to who we are and who we will become. Thank you again for sharing your stories with us and I look forward to more great posts from you. P.S. I would love to meet you when I brave up and venture out on my own. :-D Continue having a blast at life. Steem on....


P.S. remember to add the sources for images and other information (where necessary) that you use in your posts. I also recommend splitting up very long posts in maybe series or parts. This was fine as it is your self introduction and by right we should only do one self-introduction post (that is my understanding; I am also a newbie here, hehe) but just for future reference. as you were. :-)

Oh wow hey @honeysim Thanks I appreciate your kind words. You have really read the post... and yes I think it was a bit toooo long. I will definitely shorten the next ones hahaha :)

You are absolutely right there. The 'bad' things which happen to us are the ones which make us grow. If everything would be fine and perfect we would be always in our comfort zone and hey, great things don't really happen within that comfort zone! :-)

Please let me know when you come to Bali and I will take you for a coffee :-)

Much Love <3

@tinadahmen, lol. Yeah, it was quite a read but still a captivating one so I had to finish it and I am pretty happy that I did. Indeed, our comfort zone is our worse enemy as within it, there isn't any growth to be found. I will definitely drop you a line when the day to see Bali arrives.

By the way, I featured you in my entry to a curation contest:

Yes, I was that impressed. Authenticity and skills like yours deserve a proper stage for viewing. All the best dear...mwah.

@honeysim Oh wow this is amazing, thank you!

You're most welcome my dear.

Agreed, Tina has so much determination, and so do you, an that is key in life. Upvoted.

Awww, thank you much @joeyarnoldvn.

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