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RE: What's up Steemit! - How I found steemit and about me

it is a great idea and i think it will continue to grow, i do think that it will need to somehow update the fact that people with lots of steem power constantly get their posts to pay out hundreds of dollars while people starting out may not see much looks at all even if their posts are amazing. Also i think we as a community need to spend some money on advertising steemit, i have never seen an add for it. Us, the users are are only people pushing it but i think it could be marketed better for long term success.


Okay, that's an interesting thought. I completely agree that the value of the community increases with the engagement of its users. Concerning your point with the steem power, do you think that this could be a mechanism to ensure that users with a higher reputation have a higher visibility of their post, effectively reducing the amount of spam and increasing the amount of quality content on steem? If yes, then I think that this will contribute to a higher level of content quality in steem, which is of course good for the community. But you might be right that promising new users should get more attention. I am also relatively new, but I already managed to get a few highly valued posts (highest was 90, average is 3), so for me the system works. Focus on quality content about things you love and it will come. Your introduction post is a good first step 😊

yeah I think the reputation score people have could be used more effectively, not sure exactly what calculates it but it seems likes and the amount of money on a persons posts have the most effect on their score. Maybe steemit could add a quality score onto every post, that took into account how much steempower a person has, their reputation, as well as how much upvotes/payout it is generating in comparison to that persons other posts.. then they could add a tab in addition to the trending, new, hot tabs called quality or something, just an idea

That's a good idea! I think the reputation is largely determined by the amount of steem power an account holds

That's a good idea! I think the reputation is largely determined by the amount of steem power an account holds

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