What's up Steemit! - How I found steemit and about me


Hi guys! I have been on the Steemit platform for a couple months and have learned so much about cryptos/blockchain technology through reading posts on here and elsewhere. I am a fairly recent college grad and now work at a large bank. Back in college, I had an investment management class, and we were given fake money to go and try and create the highest return we could. I remember distinctly (this was about 4 years ago) someone half jokingly recommending to invest everything in bitcoin and the whole class laughed. I now am not laughing at the thought, and wish I would have done much more research early on into not only bitcoin, but other cryptos and block chain technology as a whole (I probably would not have taken a banking job).

How I found Steemit:

One day at my banking job, I was reading financial articles on my down time, as usual. I came along an article that was talking about how overvalued Facebook was and decided to read it. The main point of the article was talking about how Steem and platforms like it could cause major disruption to current social media companies. This was the first time I had heard about steemit and also blockchain technology in more specifics; I was immediately sold on the idea and am currently enjoying spending my time on steemit and am trying to convince all my friends to give it a try as well.

About me:

As I said earlier, I work full time at a bank, processing large trades for institutional investors. I think that block chain technology could remove the need for a lot services banks provide, but that is for another post. Other than working under the soul sucking fluorescent lights 40 hours a week, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, watching/playing sports, and learning/talking about new ideas. I look forward to forming some new connections on here and helping to build this platform into the successful, disruptive platform it is meant to be.


Welcome to Steemit!

welcome to steemit @jamesdenny hope you like here. I've vote for your post, don't forget to follow and like me 'cause I already follow you😁

Hi James!
It is a hard sell to get friends to come to the dark side, but they will...they will...haha.

Where was your picture taken? It looks so green and beautiful! I live in the desert and it hasn't rained here for 3 months, and I'm like, over it.

Anyway, it was great to come across your post! Hope I see more of ya!

Yeah people are very skeptical these days, just need to underrstand I am not trying to sell them anything! It is in Pennsylvania! it rains too much here, I wish you could take some of it lol

Welcome to steemit James! Thanks for the nice introduction. You seem like a cool guy to discuss crypto/blockchain topics with. What are your thoughts on steemit so far?

it is a great idea and i think it will continue to grow, i do think that it will need to somehow update the fact that people with lots of steem power constantly get their posts to pay out hundreds of dollars while people starting out may not see much looks at all even if their posts are amazing. Also i think we as a community need to spend some money on advertising steemit, i have never seen an add for it. Us, the users are are only people pushing it but i think it could be marketed better for long term success.

Okay, that's an interesting thought. I completely agree that the value of the community increases with the engagement of its users. Concerning your point with the steem power, do you think that this could be a mechanism to ensure that users with a higher reputation have a higher visibility of their post, effectively reducing the amount of spam and increasing the amount of quality content on steem? If yes, then I think that this will contribute to a higher level of content quality in steem, which is of course good for the community. But you might be right that promising new users should get more attention. I am also relatively new, but I already managed to get a few highly valued posts (highest was 90, average is 3), so for me the system works. Focus on quality content about things you love and it will come. Your introduction post is a good first step 😊

yeah I think the reputation score people have could be used more effectively, not sure exactly what calculates it but it seems likes and the amount of money on a persons posts have the most effect on their score. Maybe steemit could add a quality score onto every post, that took into account how much steempower a person has, their reputation, as well as how much upvotes/payout it is generating in comparison to that persons other posts.. then they could add a tab in addition to the trending, new, hot tabs called quality or something, just an idea

That's a good idea! I think the reputation is largely determined by the amount of steem power an account holds

That's a good idea! I think the reputation is largely determined by the amount of steem power an account holds

Looking forward to connect with you, @jamesdenny!

Welcome steemit community, many new things i will meet here from insight, experience and science. you can also share all things that have not been known by others before, regards to know from me @teukukhaidir

Hey there welcome to steemit. Looks like you are up on a good start here already. I am sure you will find a lot of new people to connect here.Have a good time in the community :)

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Welcome to Steemit! Explore + enjoy :)

Welcome Handsome!

Welcome to Steemit! Check out my video on all the different apps available on the platform that you can earn money with! You can earn more ways than just blogging! If you find this video helpful, be sure to give me a follow, upvote, and resteem! :)


Hello, James, and Welcome to Steemit.

You've come to the right place to learn more about the possibilities of blockchain and cryptos. From all indications, Steemit / Steem will be the next big news. ...

A blockchain based, community-forming platform on which we publish quality content, thereby creating crypto tokens that are found to have value on the various exchanges. How can you beat that? In a few years, it might even be the next VERY big news.

Below are a few basic points of advice re posting on Steemit.

  1. Longer posts are more lucrative than short posts. If you make a post of 20–30 paragraphs, it's more likely to earn rewards.
  2. Include some photos, images or graphs, to complement the text.
  3. Make sure the text and photos are formatted properly, so that your post looks attractive and appealing.

Hope this helps for now. Good luck, and Full Steem Ahead!

Welcome to Steemit! Glad to see some new faces!

Welcome to Steemit. Like you I regret the time when I found about bitcoins for the first time, I so hesitant to invest on it 3 years ago and instead just relied on free bitcoins I got online and immediately consumed it.

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Welcome to Steemit. Sounds like you are going to do very well on Steemit....maybe teach me some things.

Welcome onboard, James. Don't worry about it now, cause most of us did not take a chance when there was one. The blockchain is really an amazing technology. You will do fine here. Keep sharing and have fun Steeming.

Hindsight bias really gets me i guess lol thanks though, i want to see this platform blow up as much as anyone. First step for me is spreading the word to friends/family (already have gotten 3 people to join), second is to add value through curating undervalued/quality posts and also contributing the best information I can, and third is to work with others to brainstorm ways to improve the platform/community.

That's a great news that you got your friends too. I like your thinking. I'm really very glad to have you here James. Steem On!

Nice I just followed you may have some questions about banking things and blockchain for you down the road, I saw you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a story post to make it simply to do. Here

Will tell you everything I know about anything you ask lol and thanks! I will follow this post shortly i followed you back as well, thanks.

Welcome to steemit!
I am a bot built for the purposes of welcoming new users! I know that steemit may seem very overwhelming to you right now but don't worry. There's a learning curve to everything so just be patient and you'll be churning out posts and becoming a part of something great in no time!

Also if there are any questions that you may have, then just ask your questions on any of my blog posts or in a reply below and I'll be more than happy to assist you with whatever questions you may have! I will also be creating a basic starting out guide for all minnows and newcomers on my blog so do give it a read as that might help answer many of your questions!

Have fun and I wish you LOADS of success on here! :)

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Great to have you here, whats your opinion on cryptos as a banker?

the US dollar isn't going anywhere anytime soon but the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies is truly disruptive and it will be interesting to watch how quickly and how significantly it will effect how the financial world works